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PeaceNiche, an NGO that gave birth to the creative hub of Karachi, T2f (formerly known as ‘the second floor), has been working constantly to organize various events, such as a musical evening, art exhibitions and a few literary lectures. All the events are a result of a collective effort of the staff. They aim to make all the events interactive, enjoyable as well as informative. Peace Niche makes a priority to enjoy while working on their projects, because otherwise they would not be able to make their audience experience the same emotion while they are attending the events. With all that said, there is one event that simply can’t be ignored, and it is known as ‘’Jumma Hafta Art Bazaar (JHAB)’’

PeaceNiche had also invited the craftsmen from the interior Sindh that exhibited vibrant as well as traditional pottery, bangles, and shawls. Since the handicrafts are a rare sight in the city of Karachi, hundreds of people bought them all, and it was surprising that they still had more stock available. The pottery workshops were also organized with the help of Khalid, who is a professional potter, also known as a Kumbhar from the city of Karachi. There were children as well who created and decorated pots, and then carried them around like trophies.

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‘Jumma Hafta Art Bazaar’ has become a really popular recurring event at the T2f. Earlier this year, JHAB had the third event in the month of July that lasted for two days and featured various talented artists, which included, Fatima Zaidi, Raania Durrani, Saad Irfan and Nyla Talpur. Other art work was made by many under privileged children, who usually don’t get a chance to express themselves.

Yaminay Nasir Chaudri of Tentative Collective, displayed multiple short films, which had been made by the community members on ‘’what I do on my day off’’. This created calm and an engaging atmosphere between the participants as well as the audience. Adnan Malik, a well reputed film maker, screened his music video at the event that was made for the Bumbu Sauce’ new single, ‘’My Punjabi love for you’’. All the films had been screened on walls of T2F.

Jumma Hafta Art Bazaar had left many people exhausted, but thoroughly entertained at the same time and exposed to various forms of art produced by the local talent, which is definitely something that deserves an honour in the form of more events like this. As the name suggests, Jumma Hafta Bazaar is held on Thursdays and Fridays, once every other month at an empty plot, right next to T2f. This event is definitely nothing less than a Mela for the children, who can enjoy the rides, some food and also check out the colourful and creative art made by them and other young artists. These kinds of events motivate the creative talent to come out of their shell and open up with the people and share their masterpieces with the fellow artists.