Forbes got a new Candidate

Hamza Ayub spent long hours at the library of the University of the Indus Valley. One day he came across a book called The Asian Tiger. It mentioned the growth of Shenzhen, China, that predicted the occurrence of a tech revolution. He religiously followed the news cycle and became interested in the stories that artists were receiving about themselves in Shenzhen. YouTube was not yet in China or Pakistan at that point, and neither was Google.

Hamza was particularly struggling in search of information. Because he was unable to access videos using Google outside of China at that time. Hamza did a lot of reading in the library. And he visited trade fairs in Lahore and Karachi specifically to talk with Chinese merchants. The more he dug deeper, China was the place he yearned to be in.

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The Journey to Forbes

Hamza is the CEO and marketing director of Dunkin’ Switzerland. By employing innovative ideas and AI advertising, Hamza has been furthering Dunkin’ success. By incorporating virtual and augmented reality into retail stores, training staff members with VR equipment, advertising via AR, and sparking a cyberpunk craze among employees. The manager and co-founder of the Dunkin chain, who hails from Pakistan, has made Swiss marketing more innovative through his science fiction approach to branding and marketing.

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As CMO, Hamza has transformed this by implementing computerized technologies like artificial intelligence (AI), virtual reality, augmented reality, and incorporating storytelling into shopping environments. Hamza aspires to lead the industry and its societies in unconventional ways, too. He indicates that his future includes expanding Dunkin in very substantial ways. And also framing it as a hub wherein individuals can experiment and play with technology as a means to create an enjoyable lifestyle throughout the industry. He would like to make sure it is recognized as a global symbol for good food and dining similar to locations like Fauchon.

Ultimately, he aspires to assist the movie industry in subsequent years. He wishes to create lists of great-quality actors and directors.