Biography of the Ravishing Star

Mahira Khan is an awe-inspiring Pakistani model and actress. She seems to make a perfect blend of grace and beauty. Her full name is Mahira Hafeez khan and the talented lady was born in 1982 on 21st December. Her birthplace is Karachi, Pakistan. Mahira studied O’levels from the Foundation Public School. She got done with her O’levels at the age of 16 and desperately headed towards America. She pursued her dream and took admission in University of Southern California to complete under graduated degree which failed to complete. Throughout her high school life in Los Angeles, the superstar worked various odd jobs. She worked as some cashier in Rite Aid which is considered as her first job ever.

More on Mahira’s Previous Life

In one of the Interviews’, she confessed saying that while leading an independent life in America, she had to bent down doing everything like cleaning toilets, mopping floors, shutting store and operating the till. She went through fits of laughter during her on air confessions. Mahira was brought up in joint family having her grandparent as guardians. Her aunt’s family and cousins resided next door. She had experienced a sheltered and protective life. After shifting to USA, it was hard for Mahira to stay entirely on her own but she was adamant on liberating herself and ultimately, made it work by becoming an affluent woman. Mahira reminisces life alone was initially extremely tough for her but that time was essential for her growth and exploration.

The Celebrity’s Unexpected Career in Pakistan

Mahira met her future groom Ali Askari in Los Angeles. It’s known that he was the one who accidentally pushed her for appearing on the camera. Mahira never dreamt of becoming a VJ on the famous channel MTV Pakistan. She came back to Pakistan for getting herself enrolled in Indus TV for the sake of doing internship in the marketing sector. The day she arrived, careers of the two VJs abruptly ended. CEO, Ghazanfer Ali of television network forced Mahira to succeed the VJs and that’s how she managed a show all by herself. For Mahira, the meeting in which Ghazanfar glanced at her and simply asked to act as a VJ. She was stunned to hear this and rejected at the first place as her graduation in USA was incomplete. Ghazanfar persisted accompanied by Ali Askari and so she ended with a yes.

Versatility of the Renowned Figure

Working for a year in MTV, she then quit her job there and got launched by Geo channel, Aag. She had a lifetime experience at MTV and eagerly wanted to appear for something new. Geo asked her for Pakistan Idol and Mahira, without hesitating, took over the unique and exciting opportunity. Unfortunately, Pakistan idol didn’t take place and she stayed back home getting tired of boredom. She takes this as the biggest waste of time as camera had become her addiction. But she had to simply sit home and do nothing except gazing at the empty walls. Meanwhile, Mahira was asked to act in a fantastic play “Malaal” directed by the talented Mehreen Jabbar. To her amazement, the show was being shot in NY but she couldn’t accomplish the show as she was discovered to be pregnant. This was a great setback for her and the disappointment overwhelmed Mahira for quite some days.

Marriage of Mahira Khan

Ali Askari and Mahira Khan became close friends when she was studying and working in America. It was Askari who assisted and forwarded her into TV industry only when Mahira was twenty-one. In the same age, he proposed her for marriage and she agreed. The matrimony took place in 2007 on 13 July. The young and charming couple was living exuberantly and soon was blessed with the title of parents when their baby boy named Azlaan was born. Ali Askari had been very supportive and compatible with Mahira yet things didn’t work out as nobody ever knows what fate has in store for them.

Divorce of the Stunning Star

It was Mahira’s girly sophistication, meaningful looks and dazzling personality that made Askari fall for her. Their marriage was going smooth but some misunderstandings crawled into their bond. Ali started getting upset with her accelerating fame and popularity. He began having ill intuitions about their association. Ali asked Mahira to quit working as an actress but she remained determined on living her dream. He also wanted her to stop wearing fashionable dresses but Mahira continued to do whatever she pleased to. Matters like that were gradually untying their marriage knots as differences were becoming stronger. The couple sadly got divorced in 2012 but kept it as a secret. Now, their separation has been identified and confirmed.

Achievements of Mahira

In 2011, the fashion icon and brilliant actress got directed in film Bol by Shoaib Mansoor. Khan acted in serial “Neeyat” by Mehreen. However the show wasn’t a blockbuster but her next drama had won hearts of millions. “Humsafar” was the serial that got Mahira in limelight and one of the most provocative figures in Pakistan’s media industry. She worked with the handsome Fawad Khan and they made an absolutely sparkling chemistry. Television became a big hit after Mahira’s show with Fawad. Then she was casted in “Sher-e-zaat” with a well-known actor “Michael”. Her acting blew the audiences minds off and she had definitely reached the skies. Both her shows were widely admired and seen. Recently, Mahira worked as the main heroine in “Sadkay Tumaharay” and her beauty was marveled out by everybody. She has earned success with her hard work and has outshined many other actresses.