Mahrukh Chohan, CSS, Officer, Balochistan

Having determination and patience in any field of life and aspiring to do something in the future will always give you success. Mahrukh Chohan, a resident of Bahawalpur has earned the title of being the youngest Central Superior Services Officer.

Retired Major Muhammad Akhtar Abid Chohan is very proud of his daughter and is rightly so. She succeeded despite facing so many hurdles along her way. Mahrukh had to change schools because of her father’s postings, adapt to different environments and give her all to study hard. However, this did not stop her from achieving her dream.

In 2021, she was placed 73rd in the CSS examination. She also mentioned that she did not go to an academy for the preparation of the CSS test. Mahrukh studied by herself putting in long hours and only having minimum sleep. She also has a bachelor’s degree from NUST in accounting and finance. Another struggle she faced was not being able to complete her final semester because of the Covid pandemic. Her CSS grades are all A’s and B’s and even in the optional subjects, she secured 70+ marks.

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The CSS test is regarded as the toughest test in Pakistan. Every year thousands of students try their luck to secure a position in the Federal Public Service Commission (FPSC) but not everyone ends up achieving a High-Level Government Job. Students all across the country spend an unreasonable amount of hours and money to prepare for this test. One of the biggest challenges when preparing for a CSS exam is not knowing what and how to prepare which results in a lot of students either being lost or just giving up completely. But that was not the case for Mahrukh Chohan.

Even without any additional help, she was able to prepare and pass the exam on her very first try. According to Chohan, the CSS test is more about nerves rather than skill and expertise. She is encouraging other students to do the same and wishing the best for all the young women of Pakistan to make a difference.

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