When it comes to going places, historical areas, monuments, museums attract the tourists more because there is a lot to learn from there. Every ancient structure or any necropolis preserved over the years has some story connected to it. In fact, some places have such sights that the moment you see them you know there is a history attached to them and you will learn something new. Today we are going to learn about one of those places by the name Makli Necropolis. 

 The Enormous Funerary Landmarks of Makli NecropolisJam Nizamuddin, Samma Dynasty, monuments in Pakistan  

Pakistan has currently hosted many tourists and foreigners for its historical places and breathtaking sights. However, most people will go north because this is one of the views about Pakistan that every alluring place in Pakistan is up north or either in Punjab. 

Significant Places in Sindh

Pakistan is full of wonders each of which is unique. The beauty and ancient history are not specific to one part or province of the country.

Sindh has as many appealing and jaw-dropping views to visit just like any other province of the country. From Mohenjo-Daro to Mazar-e-Quaid, it has successfully kept our history intact for so many years. But these are just some of the places you are familiar with. For example, if you were a fan, you would know the names such as Frere Halls, Shahjahan Mosque, Mohatta Palace, and many others. However, did you know that one of the largest cemeteries and ancient places lies in the heart of Sindh near Thatta? Yes, we are talking about Makli Necropolis. If you have not heard the name before; you will gain interesting insights into the place.

The Largest, the Oldest, and the Ultimate Resting Place for Historical HeroesMakli Hills, Historical Monuments

 Makli, one of the largest Necropolis in the world is located near Thatta. The place covers as much of an area as 10kms. It is not a resting place to one but many kings and queens of the subcontinent. Excluding the emperors, almost half a million tombs populate the cemetery. 

People know Thatta to be the capital of Sindh, which covers many historical aspects alone. People tend to associate Makli with Thatta but Makli Necropolis is a place near Thatta and not in it.

Makli Necropolis stands to be one of the legit evidence of our history. It testifies to our history from almost the 14th century to the 18th century by its historical monuments. 

For the tourists and the locals, Makli necropolis holds some valuable sources of information and those without a taste in history can still enjoy magnificent monuments. 

Struggling with Preservationmakli necropolis, graveyard, sufi graves

Makli Necropolis, like any other ancient place, is struggling to keep its history intact within its monuments, graves, and tombs. Due to climate change and global warming, the place takes a major hit now and then throughout the year. Due to this, it is becoming more and more grinding to keep the place safe from being washed away with heavy rain or an earthquake. 

The Mesmerizing Architecture of Makli Necropolispakistani tourism, pakistani, travel pakistan

While there are many other alluring places in Sindh, Makli Necropolis seems to be the best place to escape if you want a timeout from your daily routine. The mesmerizing and beautifully crafted architecture will leave you in awe. 

We hope we managed to pique your interest in the place and that it will be one of the names in your tour plans.