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A healthy woman means a healthy generation! Marham, a digital healthcare platform of Pakistan, believes the same. That’s why it has offered big discounts for Women if they book an online consultation with a gynecologist via Marham. This offer is to generate awareness among Women regarding their health concerns and issues. There are many gynecology problems which women often ignore and they continue to cause more health issues for them for instance; presence of uterine fibroids, ovarian cysts, polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS), pelvic pain, vaginal skin disorder, abnormal hair growth, endometriosis and genital infections.

Marham Celebrates Women’s Health

Pakistan’s healthcare platform – Marham celebrates Women’s Health and facilitates you to ask questions from the doctors and even book consultations. The word ‘Marham’ means ‘cure’ and the platform is one of the country’s largest digital healthcare forum. It helps patients connect with verified doctors. Marham’s objective is to make healthcare facilities accessible for all.

Another interesting feature of Marham is its ability to help doctors in continuing their practice virtually. Moreover, the platform offers centralized systems to book an appointment with a pertinent doctor. Presently, more than 10 million patients have benefitted from Marham. They have used it to obtain information, ask questions and book a slot.

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Marham has more than 16,000 registered medical practitioners. These doctors are from 67 various cities of Pakistan. Moreover, 5,000 hospitals have registered with this platform. Along with these hospitals, Marham has many labs and medical stores registered with it too. In Punjab, Marham doctors attend more than 300 patients every single day. Also, it is helping lift off the burden of workload from physical hospitals and clinics.

This platform’s objective is to develop a healthcare program which is available 24/7 for the patients. Marham has an inflow of more than 1 million patients every month. This platform is available not only on the web, but also on iOS and Android for easy access and download. This indicates Marham’s innovative digital revolution in the country.

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