Maria.B. Mprints, Unstitched Eid Collection, Set to Add in a New Collection of Styles

by Amna Masood
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Maria.B, Mprints, Eid Collections

Maria.B. Mprints is a new collection of modern styles that offers timeless elegance and style for every woman. It’s a collection designed to complement your lifestyle while offering versatile options to suit different body shapes and styles. Furthermore the colours in this collection are all soft neutrals to help you feel comfortable and relaxed. The designs are feminine and romantic, and the colours offer a unique blend of classic and modern with fresh and trendy twists.


These beautiful prints are hand-drawn in India and printed in Europe on luxurious high-quality paper. Hence the result is beautiful quality with a rich and creamy colour palette. Furthermore the entire set is available in two sizes: A4 and A3. A4 size is the standard size used in offices. Similarly the A3 size is used mostly in creative industries and the fashion industry. Moreover, With its eye-catching colors, patterns, and motifs, it’s the perfect choice for many creative and personal projects. This set contains three fabrics:

  1. Yellow and Green
  2. Yellow and Orange
  3. Blue and Black

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The yellow and green fabric will be used to create a set of eight coordinating bags. The pattern will include:

  1. Two large bags in the shape of a box
  2. Four small bags in the shape of a box
  3. Two small bags with a strap and pocket
  4. Two small bags with a strap only
  5. A bag with an open bottom
  6. A bag with a closed bottom
  7. A bag with a zipper closure

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The blue and black fabric will be used to create a set of eight coordinating placemats. The pattern will include:

  1. A set of eight placemats
  2. A set of eight placemats with a stem

The set includes all the materials necessary to complete all eight of these projects. You’ll also need to purchase the appropriate sewing supplies, which included in the pattern. The pattern  written to accommodate a variety of skill levels. Furthermore  It contains detailed instructions, illustrations, and project templates, as well as a color chart to help you match the colors of the fabric.

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