Pakistani Singer, Mehak Ali, New York

By appearing on a Times Square billboard as Spotify’s ambassador for ‘Equal Pakistan,’ Pakistani singer Mehak Ali has created a reputation for herself, and a good picture of the cherished nation has spread throughout the globe.

Through this programme, the Women Creators Party continues to empower local women. Mehmood Ali was chosen as the “Equal Pakistan” ambassador for the current month, succeeding the Grammy Award-winning Urooj Aftab.

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The popular streaming service strives to support female producers by giving them a platform to share their work with the world. Spotify has also upgraded its unique Ramadan Destination category for Pakistani listeners, which includes popular mystical phrases, hymns, and recitations of the Holy Quran.

Mehak Ali’s song, ‘Sale Ali Nabina,’ which means ‘you’re a pearl’ in Farsi, has also been chosen by the streaming site. Following a song for the ‘Equal Pakistan’ campaign, this is her third collaboration with Spotify.

“One day, one spot, Times Square New York,” Mehak Ali wrote, thanking his followers and Spotify for the honour. “I never imagined seeing a photograph of me on a billboard in Times Square one day.”

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The day after Christmas, I was in Times Square, simply watching people’s responses, and it appeared as if something had just happened. Hundreds of people were sobbing as they looked up at the sign. It was a happy occasion for me.