Brief History About the Entrancing Minar

Minar-e-Pakistan or say Pakistan Day Memorial is the minar constructed to memorize that day when Pakistan resolution had been passed on 23rd March, 1940. The prominent tower of the memorial was finished on 22nd March, 1968. Originally, this location was famous as Minto Park. This was the place where the historic meeting of All India Muslim League took place on 23rd March, 1940. Somewhere in 1960, leaders from Muslim League impressed upon local authorities and administrations stating the requirement for creating a memorial. Akhtar Hussain (West Pakistan’s governor) issued a request appeal to the general public for contributing in the construction of memorial. The governor constituted a committee and demanded the funding for gathering donations from the philanthropists. The foundation stone was laid by the governor on 23rd March, 1960. It took eight years to complete the tower at an average cost of 500,000 rupees.

Height of the Tall Enchanting Tower

Height of this minar is 198.5 feet or 60 meter high from the surface. It was constructed on the base which was also four meters up from ground. Minar-e-Pakistan got built on the center of central star and base. The tower’s circular diameter is around 320 feet. Total height of the entire structure of minar is 203 feet. Majority of the material used while constructing the tower is stones and marbles in various shapes and colors. Emphatically, the minar is elegantly designed in the shape of a flower. You have the liberty to climb through elevators or stairs. The Lahori people have made this place famous by calling with it by name “Yadgar.” People get amazed to know that the height of minarets in Badshahi mosque is fifty-four meters which is lower that the tower.

The Well Proportioned Appearance of Minar

Minar-e-Pakistan is awesomely surrounded by delicate two crescent shape pools along with four feet lined and deep red and green marble. The tower comprises of spring shape hall which is tastefully spanned by the arches. There’s rostrum which faces towards Badshahi Mosque is that quadrant created with antique Mughal fashioned tiles. The petals which are thirty feet in height, appears like a stunning blooming flower. Strikingly, central shaft of minar containing marble shafts have engraved a precise history of Pakistan Resolution not only in Urdu but also Bengali and English accompanied with a few poetic verses of Allama Iqbal and ninety-nine names of Allah. There are total ten vertical slabs interlacing with the glossed cement domes and lovely flower petals. They own a not to be missed platform sight and a spiral staircase in the center.

The Incredibly Classy Design of Tower

The miner peculiarly reflects the mixture of modern, Mughal and Islamic architecture. It was supervised and designed by Nasreedin Murat Khan who was an engineer and architect from Daghistan. The tower’s structural design was done by Nasreedin who was further assisted by Abdur Rehman Khan Niazi (a structural designer working for the Illeri N. Murat Khana). Once the president approved minar’s appeal for construction, the design came forward by Mian Abdul Khaliq and his company. The creation of this evergreen landmark took place on 31st October 1968. It was built at the cost of 7,058,000 rupees. Money was gathered by imposing tax on horse racing show and cinema tickets at Akhtar Hussain’s call. Presently, the minaret exceptionally presents a panoramic sight to the visitors who have access to the top of the tower through elevators or stairs. The parks surrounding the spectacular monument include artificial lake and marble fountains.

Depicting History through Marvelous Architecture

The design of Minar’s base and four platforms represents history of Pakistan Movement simply through the architectural symbols. Rough cement and stones have been irregularly laid portraying messy conditions and lack of appropriate direction in early phases of freedom movement of Indian Muslims. Stones that have been used for the very first platform are rigid Taxila stones. The second platform has hammered dressed stones on it. The third platform contains chiseled stone whereas the fourth one is richly polished marble symbolizing ultimate achievement of freedom movement.

Minar’s Political Stands

Minar-e-Pakistan always had the capability and capacity to serve people with political rallies and protests including the ones organized by Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf. The place currently is that exact spot where independence declaration of India (Purna Swaraj) was chiefly announced in the year 1929 after Lahore session of the Indian National Congress. After that, the Indian flag got raised as there was absolutely zero demand for the inception of Pakistan.

Treat Yourself by Visiting Minar-e-Pakistan

Minar is that marvelous place which holds a magnetic power attracting people towards it. The view from the magnificent tower brings twinkle of merriment in one’s eye which doubles the excitement of tour. Minar-e-Pakistan is the most provocative sight of the area it’s located in. Other historical landmarks which face the tower include Lahore Fort, Sikh Temple and Badshahi Mosque. The entire view of Lahore is seen from the tall tower which is extremely fascinating as you life dwelling in every part of the city. Most importantly, Minar glitters at night and it glows the entire atmosphere around. The tower’s shine is so intense that it catches sight of the person within no time. It is a great place to develop unforgettable memories as the strikingly attractive Minar serves you with a good recreational time. Do visit this place for your own joy and exuberance.