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Mirchi 360 is a small restaurant in Islamabad that offers a wide variety of food items, from snacks to meals. Their specialty is Spicy Biryani that they serve in Matka. Mirchi 360 currently has 11 Branches all over Pakistan. Matka is generally used to make traditional handis but Mirchi is making Biryani in Matka and people are loving it.

Mirchi 360 offers open-air and in-door sitting with an amazing ambiance. It’s a perfect place to fulfill the cravings for spicy food, especially biryani. Mirchi 360 recently attained tons of reviews because of their Biryani served in Matka and many visitors stormed the small eatery to enjoy the meal that they have to offer.

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Mirchi 360 was closed for dine-in due to the pandemic, the good news is that Mirchi just told the residents of Islamabad that they are now open for Dine-in with new and improved seating.

Mirchi 360 claims to serve authentic and traditional food, the restaurant offers a wide range of mouth-watering foods including tandoori, curries, Italian, Chinese, Pizza, BBQ, and more.

Their forte is biryani which comes in four flavors which are; Nawabi Biryani, Special Hyderabadi Biryani, Chilman Biryani, and Royal Sindhi Biryani.

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