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A Partnership to Achieve a Dream

Interestingly, Mobilik is joining hands with the country’s major banking training organization, “Institute of Bankers Pakistan ”. It trains and develops the upskill and capabilities of the workforce, to improve and strengthen the banking process. Moreover, it aims to provide customers with greater experience and standards of delivery. With the help and facilities of this collaboration, the employees of Mobilink will get the chance to enroll in IBP to receive specialized training. And they will be certified with “Superior Qualifications”. They will also be given certifications of IBP Microfinance Diploma. Presently, in this process, over 1,500 employees from Mobilink’s front lines have been enrolled.

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The Vision of Excellence

Mr.Ghazanfar Azzam, The CEO of Mobilink Microfinance Bank Limited, and his partner The Director of Marketing and Sales, Mr. Khawlah Usman have both agreed and signed the contract from both businesses. The two CEOs exchanged gratitude. They expressed great happiness over their commitment to providing new quality and efficient services to customers, through their collaboration.

Certainly, Mobilink Microfinance Bank is the largest and most trustworthy digital finance bank in Pakistan. It provides services and support to over 40 Million registered users, of which 15 Million are active monthly subscription users, and mobile wallet users. The branch has successfully launched and maintained over 100 branches in every city. The bank’s vision is to provide customers with nationwide interruption-free services in a modern and simplified manner and also provide a new experience to customer service that will answer questions both accurately and have the highest response rate.

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The Importance of the Deal

This agreement with IBP has shown to provide the means for MMBL to achieve and maintain that position for a sustainable future, as Pakistan’s “Employer of Choice”. This basically means they are giving their employees education in professional and career growth, kind of like O-levels and A-levels.