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Ever heard of a bizarre food combination? Lay’s has got one for you! They recently shared on social media about their plans to launch a new flavor, New Jalebi Flavour by Lay’s Pakistan. This caught the eye of netizens immediately and they had a lot of interesting opinions to share on this venture.

New Jalebi Flavour by Lay’s Pakistan

Lays Pakistan recently uploaded an image where they announced the launch of a new flavor called ‘Jalebi Lay’s’. This post was bombarded with comments from followers. However, people soon discovered that the date on which it was posted was April 1, 2022. It was April fool’s Day. Soon enough, they realized that the brand may have pulled up a prank on them. Regardless of this, the brand managed to gather hilarious comments on the very idea of Jalebi Lays. We have gathered a list of the best comments received on that post:

One follower commented in a sarcastic tone to the company. She said that the next flavor now might be gulab jaman!


Lay's Pakistan

Another follower simply asked why there is a need for this flavor.Lay's Pakistan

Some followers said to Lays that how did they think making this flavor would be a nice idea?Lay's Pakistan, New Jalebi Flavour by Lay’s Pakistan

Others said that they wanted to unsee this post!

Many users showed their utter shock on this flavor through memes and visuals.New Jalebi Flavour by Lay’s Pakistan

Few said that this flavor would make them puke.

Later on, the company went to clarify that this was just a prank and they had no intentions to create such a flavor. This was a huge relief for all the Lays lovers. Nonetheless, everyone did enjoy this interesting prank from the company. It also managed to get a lot of social media coverage and shares with this humorous marketing strategy. We hope you enjoyed hearing this prank story too!

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