O Mere Maula , Abida Parveen, Salim–Sulaiman

‘O Mere Maula’ – A Collaboration between Abida Parveen and Salim–Sulaiman

O Mere Maula , Abida Parveen, Salim–Sulaiman

The song which was out on the 9th of April is a celebration anthem for the month of Ramadan, O Mere Maula.

People can’t seem to get enough of this latest hit, which is a collaboration between the mystic singer Abida Parveen and Salim-Sulaiman a composing duo from India. Abida Parveen who has been crowned the queen of Sufi music in Pakistan brings out a lot of emotions through her vocals in this new song. Abida is a renowned artist who has also inspired people across the border with her music. The song O Mere Maula has gathered 797,952 views on YouTube.

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The joy of the song can be heard in people’s opinions even those who aren’t Muslim. A Youtube commenter by the name of Guneet Kaur is letting everyone know that music truly does not have any limits by saying; divided by nation boundaries but united by music. The music video for the song features Bollywood actor Pankaj Tripathi. The actor plays a struggling father with two children teaching his kids the spirit of giving help to the ones in need. Which is what the month of Ramadan is all about. The video in the beginning gives glimpses of Islamabad, Toronto and Mumbai. Which highlights the places where all the artists that are involved in the making of this beautiful melody are spread across.

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The music video leaves a humanitarian lesson, and the vocals of Abida Parveen is sure to leave you in tears. Netizens have been touched by the song and are hailing Abida as the mother of earth. Some even said that Abida Parveen’s voice is a way of healing the soul. It seems whatever Abida Parveen touches turns to gold as the artist recently broke records with her Coke Studio hit Tu Jhoom featuring Naseebo Laal. Now with this latest song she proves she is the highest paid singer in Pakistan for a reason. Abida Parveen is one of the most listened to singers in Ramadan so it’s only natural she will release a Ramadan special.