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Consumer behavior that took full advantage of e-commerce platforms during the Movement Control Order to curb the spread of COVID-19, has prompted businesses from across the industry to drive their digital presence. It has been surveyed that the new shopping habits of e-commerce is seen to become more important in consumers’ daily lives as they spend more than 20 percent of their time on the platform each week, reflecting the increasing reliance on online stores.

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As a result, brands and vendors across the region have stepped up their digitization efforts, especially nowadays as online shopping has played a bigger role in people’s lives as more and more consumers use online services to get daily necessities. One such brand is Made Easy Store. Made Easy Store, realized there is a certain cook in each one of you, and they were determined to demonstrate it. Their simple to cook recipes are nicely intended to streamline and move each cook in any kitchen, whether proficient or at home.

They are enthusiastic about setting out open doors where individuals assemble to rediscover the genuine significance of getting social. The kitchen is the core of every home and we appreciate residing and eating as one, by relishing bona fide fixings and get-together to interface with loved ones.

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Made easy store offers all the spices that National Foods Brand offers. From a variety of different masla’s to sauces and other products. In the mood for national kheer and rasmalai, why not buy the National’s family favorite bundle. Buy the squeezy trio bundle that comes with a bottle of Tomato Ketchup, Chili Garlic and Classic Mayo. All the ingredients you need for your kitchen are available at Made Easy Store. The brand is as lively and cordial as a youthful couple in the core of the home.

Very friendly, it folds its so-called arms over the practice of family assembled during supper. Exceptionally eastern in nature, it is stylish, agreeable to be with. With regards to the recipes, everything that revolves around effortlessness, accommodation and saving time for investing energy in things that make the biggest difference.