Pak-China, Sukkur-Multan Motorway

The Sukkur-Multan motorway, a piece of the biggest transport foundation task of (CPEC), is now operational.

The 329-kilometer-long highway will provide a vital link between the southern port city of Karachi and Peshawar, the capital of Pakistan’s Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province bordering Afghanistan. The project is being built by the China State Construction Engineering Corporation (CSCEC) under a Build-Operation. Zahid Grewal, the senior Security Consultant at (CSCEC) said “It was a tough testing task, however, the potential and limitations of CSCEC, combined with my diverse experience of managing security matters for a long time in the Pakistani armed forces, delivered its profit.”

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The undertaking explored a wide area, so it was important to fan out a total security board structure at its initial stage, (CEN). It is expected that the system will promote efficiency and coordination in security management, as well as reduce unnecessary costs. As an important step, the system has been integrated into the group’s intranet to make it more convenient for everyone to use. While discussing the multiple difficulties and pressures Zahid Grewal faced, he said, “It was a Greenfield project going through country regions and moderately under foster areas of Pakistan. The task gave occupations straightforwardly to almost 30,000 Pakistani individuals at busy times.”

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Since July 2014, the Sukkur-Multan Motorway has been greenlit, going through its inauguration in November 2019 during the 9th JCC meeting that took place in Islamabad. Zahid expressed gratitude toward individuals who gave him proficient direction. “I would call them exquisite and incredible individuals,” he added. The expense of the Motorway is about two billion dollars, with the majority of the funding done through Chinese state-claimed banks. Almost 90 % of the assignment’s cost is upheld through concessionary propellers having the credit charges from China. Chinese state-owned banks have provided 2.96 billion to the Pakistan Public Authority for the construction of M-5 Motorway. Making it one of the biggest investments the Government of China has ever made.