The average count of applications on Android and the App store exceeds one billion. You can expect a soaring profit increase in the app development industry. One such app is Pak Truck Driver – a great app for truck simulations developed by Pakistani company Crown Art Studios.

Read this article to know more about the app.

Pak Truck Driver – App Review

Every app developer has also identified the importance of this domain and offers rigorous competition to stay in the market.

Top Pakistani Apps to Follow

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The Pakistani Tech Industry is witnessing a boom of new gadgets, appliances, and technology. Since the fourth industrial revolution gets close. So, the Pakistani tech giants are also experimenting with artificial intelligence, robotics, 3D printing, quad computing, and the Internet of Things. All these top trending technologies are going to change the horizon of the world as we know it today.
The future belongs to a fusion of physical, digital, and virtual existence. This hybrid identity goes beyond borders. It helps individuals interact with people in every nook and corner of the world.
Pakistan IT Industry
Information and Communication Technology is expanding in Pakistan in the last few years. Companies that relied on their day-to-day interaction with clients are establishing a strong digital presence. Many factors have contributed to transforming the present-day consumer.  
One relies on reviews, feedback and product experience to determine the quality of a company’s services. Thus, the chances of surviving in the competitive market keep getting low. Hence, a sound digital presence should be there in the online world. Most countries have their own e-commerce and online marketplaces for directing consumers.
So, many Pakistani web and app developers are managing the e-commerce sites and mobile applications for these international clients. Among these Pakistani developers, some Pakistanis have gone a step ahead and started managing their own mobile applications. The success is evident from their rating, ranking, and feedback from the app users.

Famous Android Applications by Pakistani Web Developers

In this article, we will provide an overview of some famous android applications developed by Pakistani web developers. Furthermore, we will introduce you to Pak Truck Driver. a Pakistani Driving Simulation developed in view of the diverse truck culture. So, it represents the versatility found in the different regions of Pakistan.
Mafia Farm

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Pakistani developers also recognize the rise of the gaming industry. Various gaming tournaments occur in different countries. Gaming enthusiasts like Arsalan Ash have also paved the way for representing Pakistan on international gaming platforms. As a result, you find many mobile games. Pakistani app developers developed them. One of these is created by Mindstorm Studios is Mafia Farm.

Some of you can already infer where the idea came from. The game is simple but gets interesting with time. You have to increase your reputation by doing jobs fighting, farming and purchasing real estate with the generated revenue.

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Hazardous Highway

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Many of you would have played Racing Moto which is so engaging that you can’t miss. restarting the new game to dive into the road fun once again. For car lovers, Hazardous Highway is a must-try. Although the game appears simple. the interesting part is that it can burst into flames if you are not cautious while driving on the road. Be aware of the fuel. In case you miss it, your car will not last for long.

Moving ahead, avoid as much damage as you can. Because each collision with another automobile would damage your car. Pass your car through these tools and your car will be good as new. The real fun begins when you download it to play it yourself.


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You can always come across a situation where google maps may stop working. You were relying on its navigation to reach your destination in an unknown city. Chalo comes to the rescue as a navigation mobile application. It provides you with detailed information regarding hospitals, shopping areas, hotels, mosques, and petrol pumps.

If you ever find yourself confused in the middle of some new city, open the app and find your way out. You will love its user interface, quite friendly and easy to use.

Islam 360

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Pakistani app developers have also realized the potential of technology for spreading the word of Islam. The app intends to translate the holy verses of the Quran and Hadith into more than a hundred languages. This would make Islam more accessible and easy to understand by many nationalities. You can type in any keyword.

The app provides a complete description of the word, its meaning, and the places in the holy book. it has been used to address the Muslim ummah. Thus, you can expect and know religion a lot better with the aid of this application.

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We all are aware of the increasing prices of residential and commercial property in Pakistan. People with some savings target the most workable price range to buy some commercial shop or piece of land before it goes beyond range. Furthermore, many families prefer to live in a house. They pay a monthly rent of a particular part to avoid regular maintenance. Such families at times have to face some inevitable circumstances. Due to this they have to find a new house or part to shift at the earliest.

Pakistani app developers realized the potential of mobile applications which could help such families in finding the most workable house part from an extensive database. was developed with the same intent. Thus, making the sale and buying of residential and commercial property more convenient. The mobile app gives you a wide variety of options. But, you can always customize your search by providing the exact number of rooms, location, the needed area, and the workable price range.

Food Delivery

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Pakistan is blessed with an amazing variety of culinary delights. There is a range of traditional, Japanese, South East Asian, and Chinese dishes which you can. try out in different restaurants, dhabas and cafes. But, there are plenty of families which prefer an alternative. Through this, they can get all these favorite dishes in their comfort zone.

The most popular dishes of any restaurant are visible at the top. You can also determine your choice. based on the reviews and feedback of different customers who have. already purchased an order from these outlets. The best part of these apps is that the food will be delivered to your doorstep. and you have to pick from the door because it can’t get even easier than that.

Digitizing Cultural Diversity

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 The Pak truck driver ought to be acclaimed for promoting their truck. You can see a sharp contrast in the art of one province being unique from the art of other provinces. The art holds international recognition for its pristine aesthetic sense. Thus it is lauded in all the international markets. The artwork is displayed before the international critics of the arts. The majority of the foreigners admire the combination of paints used to decorate the body of a truck.

Pak Truck Driver App Review

One interesting point to highlight here is that truck art not only signifies the indigenous culture but also portrays truck drivers’ patriotism and love for the country. In case you are wondering how it all started, you have to go back in history. Connect the spirit of decorating a truck with the decoration of Mughal chariots driven by horses and used by the Mughal. Emperors commuted among different places through that. As the Mughal Kings were fond of art, beauty, prestige and color, they wanted a similar representation on their vehicles.

Art Work

Their chariots were also decorated with similar artwork admired by the people of their time. The artwork was meant to represent the majestic lifestyle. of the Mughal rulers without compromising the beauty of these chariots. The modern-day carriages powered by an engine instead of a horse are used to signify the same level of grandeur and royalty. The decoration is not limited to royal chariots.
The intent behind such decoration is to attract more customers. You can assume the same motives behind the decoration in old times. Besides marketing tactics, the artwork is portrayed on Pak trucks. It reflects drivers’ affiliation with their norms, cultures, and traditions.
If you are a truck driver, you can say with confidence that Pakistani highways are blessed with. cultural diversity as a reflection of every region’s norms and values portrayed through their truck art. In general, the upper front part of trucks is used to write holy verses for the protection of vehicles. Whereas the lower side generally has beautiful poetry. The Pak truck sides should never be overlooked. As these areas are generally for marketing purposes of the company for which the truck drivers are working. The rear end of the truck presents its own beauty with the portraits of famous personalities or wildlife.


 Each color can be taken as a particular community with its own norms and customs. But, all colors are together to become the land that we now call Pakistan.  Furthermore, a Pathan truck driver makes his truck more significant with the portraits of some legendary Pathans of Pakistan. The portraits of holy shrines depict his affiliation with Punjabi culture.
Thus, these trucks can be taken as a moving culture waiting to be discovered. Culture enthusiasts and explorers keep in view all the diversity depicted in these trucks. The manner in which these vehicles are used reflects the culture. Pakistan developers came up with the idea of developing a simulator that can give users. real-time experience of becoming a truck driver representing your own culture and traveling in different cities of the world.
Pak Truck Driver is a masterpiece and you should definitely give it a try. Let us discuss it in detail to see its attributes and determine why you should try it at least once to have a worth remembering experience.

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Pak Truck Driver Simulations

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The simulator lets you become a. real truck driver in Pakistan and you are assigned particular routes. to transport luggage between and within different cities of Pakistan. If you are anticipating having straight routes between two points. that would appear like a piece of cake. But, that is not the case in this simulator. Many of you are anxious to go along with your family to the beautiful valleys of Kashmir. But, the prevailing pandemic hampers all your plans. and you end up procrastinating your traveling list. Pak Truck Driver paves the way for going through the same valleys and terrain.

Free Driving

Driving a truck through this simulator should not be misinterpreted as free driving. You have to master your truck driving skills by avoiding overspeeding, tickets, and collisions. If we talk about the beautiful truck paintings, these art forms depict the beautiful and diverse culture of Pakistan. The poetic calligraphy, floral patterns, and portraits of beautiful horses. lions. and tigers are so appealing that it makes you become a truck driver more than once. 
The simulator provides the option of selecting steering or buttons to turn. and control the truck on the road. The accelerator and breaks are available on the right side of the screen which is quite unique. Thus, you will not have much trouble. practice and you will master the simulator in a short span of time.