Pakistan is among the top three countries that have started selling on Amazon in the past year.

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Sellers from Pakistan are now accounting for 3% of Amazon’s total sales, making it the third-biggest seller after the US and China. This is a remarkable development for a country that has traditionally been an importer of goods.

Pakistan; The Top 3rd Country on Amazon

Pakistani entrepreneurs are now taking advantage of Amazon’s global platform to reach buyers all over the world. Products from Pakistan are diverse and include everything from home appliances to clothing to jewelry. Pakistani sellers have found that Amazon offers a great opportunity to increase their visibility and expand their businesses.

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Pakistan has now become the third most popular country on Amazon, with sales totaling $1.3 billion in 2018. This is a significant increase from the previous year, when Pakistan ranked fifth with sales of $851 million. The growth can be attributed to increased demand for Pakistani products from Amazon customers in the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom. In addition to being a popular seller on Amazon, Pakistani products are also frequently recommended by other sellers on the platform.

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Pakistan’s Standing in The International Market

According to the Market Pulse of Amazon, Pakistan is currently the third most popular new merchant on the list of U.S. online retailers in 2022. Meanwhile, the United States and China are at the top. While Pakistani merchants pale in comparison with the two leading exporters in the world, they count more than the rest of the world’s territories including key export hubs China and India.

Notable to mention is the fact that in Pakistan there are more sellers than in the surrounding areas of India, Vietnam, the UK, and Canada. Certainly Pakistan has the world’s three largest Amazon seller groups:

Indeed e-commerce is critical to be able to help medium-to-small companies improve profitability. This is because the financial burdens of business and operating costs continue to rise.