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In 2020 the global camel meat market announced Pakistan to be the top exporter of camel meat of the year. Ismail Suttar, the president of the Employers Federation of Pakistan, urged the government to present the producers of these exports with incentives. 2.6 million, might not be a large number, but Pakistan is making extensive development in its camel meat export market. 

Abdul Razzak Dawood, the advisor to the prime minister on commerce and investment, suggested holding a meeting to maximize the production of camel meat to make it readily available for export to the GCC(Gulf Cooperation Council) countries. Oman is the largest importer of Camel meat by 2020, investing 897K USD in the trade.

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The Camel meat market majorly contributed to Pakistan’s GDP. Due to Pakistan’s location, it has become the ideal environment for raising camels. Camels can successfully live in deserts and scarce environments, and Pakistan is home to three significant deserts(Thar, Thall and Cholistan). 

In 2019, Sudan was the Top exporter of camels and raised 146K USD. However, in 2020, Pakistan surpassed it via tremendous growth, which produced higher numbers.

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The rapidly increasing rate of the Pakistani Camel Meat market scored Pakistan a country share of 66.09% in the annual global meat market report. Following Pakistan, Australia was, in second place, raising $1.2 million and a country share of 30.25%. The United States of America was third, with the country share being 1.9% and raising 74.6K USD.