Donation, Afghanistan, Commerce,

Pakistan Donates 16 More Truckloads of Relief Goods to Afghanistan

Donation, Afghanistan, Commerce,

Afghanistan is going through tough financial times. The country is trying to achieve stability and come out of uncertainty. Pakistan decided to extend a brotherly hand towards the people of Afghanistan. For this purpose, the country has donated more than 16 trucks loaded with goods for providing relief. This happened on 16 October 2021. It was announced by the Pakistani ambassador, Mr. Mansoor Ahmed on the platform Twitter. This relief has been specifically sent for helping the Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs). This help has been provided to help these people manage the upcoming harsh winter season. The relief contains food items, medicines, and blankets. It can help avoid the crisis being faced by the people of Afghanistan.

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The Pakistani Advisor on Commerce stated that the ministry is working on improving the exports and imports of Pakistan too. They are dedicated to strengthening the connection between both Pakistan and Afghanistan. Such ties can help both countries prosper together. He also shared plans to improve the transportation system between the countries like making roads. Such efforts of philanthropy are bound to increase the trust between the two Islamic countries. We hope such exchanges will continue to occur throughout the coming times!

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