Pakistan Squash Federation (PSF) Announces Six International Squash Tournaments

Pakistan Squash Federation (PSF) announced that six international squash tournaments would to be hosted by Pakistan in 2016, in which two would be worth $15,000 each, and four would be worth $25,000 each.

Tournament Venues

Aamir Nawaz, the Group Captain and Honorary Secretary of PSF announced that the four tournaments of $25,000 will take place in Islamabad. Karachi and Lahore will be hosting the two $15,000 events.

Aim of Squash Tournaments

The aim behind these squash tournaments is to provide opportunity to the players of Pakistan to get points from the Professional Squash Association (PSA) as a result of these events and raise their ranking in the world. Aamir Nawaz is very hopeful that next year Pakistan will be all set to organize a tournament worth $50,000. They are also trying to conduct this international event in other cities apart from Islamabad.

Funding for Squash Tournaments

PSF has managed to allocate a total of around $100,000 for PSA events for this year. The federation is now in need of more sponsors and assistance from the corporate and private sector along with the multinationals to step up and share the burden for the revival of squash in Pakistan.

Efforts of Pakistan National Squash Academy

Pakistan National Squash Academy (PNSA) was established with the purpose of using our skills for promoting squash in Pakistan. It has on board the living legends in squash, Jansher Khan and Jahangir Khan. This academy is to be spread across other main cities of Pakistan. With the endless endeavors of Jansher and Jahangir, the players are being trained to become champions.

Other Squash Ventures

Although last year Pakistani players participated in around 50 international squash tournaments, and the female players have also been performing very well recently especially with the arrival of Maria Toor which has given Pakistani squash the boost that was required. Still players really need to up their game, and the next six months are very essential for Pakistani squash players to enhance their ranking in the world.

Nevertheless, it can be clearly seen that a revival of squash in Pakistan is now inevitable.