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Syed Hussain Jahania, Punjab Minister for Agriculture, announced that in the year 2021, Pakistan will set a record regarding the harvest of the Basmati crop. The announcement is made possible by the previous efforts to develop the agricultural sector of Pakistan by the agriculture ministry and the farming community as well. 

In Kabirwala, during a collaboration with a Rice company, Mr. Hussain stated how basmati rice is different in aroma and taste, which is the reason for its fame. Pakistan being the leading exporter of rice is a mass benefit for the GDP. 

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With the recent farming friendly policies and the immense actions to optimize yields for various export crops this year, the paddy crop has been planted of above 5.3 million acres of land. 

He continued how initiatives like these are beneficial for the farmers and the economy. 

The Minister voiced, on account of the Agricultural Emergency Programme, initiated by the Prime Minister, about 300 million PKR have been invested in optimizing the Agricultural sector. The implementations have been commenced as of the current financial year.

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Furthermore, Prime Minister, Imran Khan plans on making the Agricultural sector of Pakistan stand with the international agriculture markets worldwide. Advanced technology, techniques and practices will be implemented to achieve this. 

The Minister ended by asking the farmers not to light the paddy fields on fire as it causes unnecessary air pollution that causes various health issues.