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Ali Salman Anchan Patti establishes Pakistani truck craftsmanship culture from one side of the planet to the other. The endeavor is attempting to advance the positive picture of Pakistan through its innovative thoughts and topics. Salman took a strong fascination with reforming craftsmanship. So, he is taking his part in featuring the native culture of Pakistan.

Phool Patti

The “Phool Patti” group went to the land of Sri Lanka, late for an interesting venture of painting artistic creations. To advance Pakistan’s legacy around the world, High Commission of Pakistan teamed up with Colombo. So, this joint effort allowed an opportunity for Pakistan. Hence, they featured their astonishing divider painting.

To celebrate and share this drive the Phool Patti group shared it via web-based entertainment using their Facebook official page. The group featured the social legacy of Pakistan and Sri Lanka. They painted a mass of size 40×8.

The group shared point-by-point data about this amazing experience and joint effort. They referenced the vital elements of their craftsmanship. The Phool Patti group additionally made sense of the target of partaking in this coordinated effort. So, they referenced that it was to acclimate the people of Sri Lanka with the Buddhist legacy in Pakistan.

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The craftsmanship is isolated into two areas. The Sri Lankan side showed the social legacy of Sri Lanka. It comprised of their national flower Lotus, national animal chicken, and the landmark of Independence Memorial Hall. Likewise, the site contained the Heritage of Sri Lanka. Stupa of Lord Buddha is found here. This was found during the Civilization of Indus Valley, in Taxila.

The wall side of Pakistan contained Pakistan’s social and notable legacy. It incorporates Jasmine, the national flower, Chakoor, the national bird along with Faisal Mosque, and Taxila city. The focal point of the wall comprises the flags of Pakistani and Sri Lanka.

Likewise, the Phool Patti Team won numerous public and worldwide honors and testaments. Hence, they aim to advance the positive picture of Pakistan.

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