If you possess the passion for diving into the world crafted by literary writers and love to watch their portrayal on digital media platforms, then Umera Ahmed is not a name that you can ever miss in this search for new art forms. Born in Sialkot, she always possessed an instinct to express herself right from her early life and her works were published on different forums including the Urdu digests. Despite the outset of her career as a teacher in Army Public School, she started to realize her inner passion striving to express herself in order to share her perspectives related to women empowerment with the general readership. Resultantly, she devoted herself to writing Urdu novels that started to gain attention in the existing body of Urdu fiction.

Umera Ahmed Dramas That You Must Watch

Furthermore, spirituality has also remained the central focus of her writings. Peer-e-Kamil (SAW) is one such example that brought her works into the limelight. As her writings started to create an impact on the outlook of women in general, her writings are now being picturized on digital media, and in this article, we are going to highlight the top 10 Pakistani dramas which have been watched and acclaimed extensively by critics and the viewers being profound in terms of the message that they portray among the intended audience.

Digest Writerdigests, urdu novels, urdu writers

Premiered in 2014 on HUM TV, Digest Writer revolves around the life of a little girl named Farida who belongs to a family desperately trying to make ends meet. Despite her inner potential of being a writer, her talents were always overlooked by her family who was consistently trying to put all their attention towards their son to make him a doctor. Nevertheless, Farida could observe all the difficulties that her family was facing due to their low earnings and got firm to help them out through her pen. She aspired to write under the pen name, Rashk-i-Hina translated as the Pride of Henna, for a digest magazine. At the outset of her writing endeavors, she was scolded by her parents for wasting electricity at night to express her thoughts.

However, their perspectives started to support her daughter as they realized that she is putting in all her efforts to support her own family financially. A twist came when her parents got her married to her cousin Shaukat. Although he appeared to love her at the outset, yet the relationship got more complicated with the passage of time as she was again restrained to express her thoughts despite getting several offers to write fiction as a digest writer. Once again, she was allowed to start her writing career when Shaukat’s family went through some difficult times and Farida’s earnings supported her family and children. At the end of the drama, she had to make some difficult decisions regarding her family and her writing career.

Zindagi Gulzar Haizindagi gulzar hai, drama, pakistani dramas

Produced by Momina Duraid and under the direction of Sultana Siddiqui, Zindagi Gulzar is a drama based on Umera Ahmed’s novel and broadcast on HUM TV in the middle of 2012 and 2013. The fiction is based on the central themes of class distinction, gender discrimination, and women empowerment. The story revolves around the lives of two protagonists from different socio-economic backgrounds Kashaf Murtaza played by Sanam Saeed and Zaroon Junaid performed by Fawad Khan. Kashaf belongs to a low-middle-class family and lives with her mother Rafia along with her two sisters, Sidra and Shehnila.

Kashaf’s father Murtaza, the role is taken by Waseem Abbas, has abandoned the whole family because he blamed Rafia for not giving him a son that could support him. All these circumstances made Kashaf realize the class distinction, patriarchy and led to distrust in men. Rafia is trying hard to support her family by serving as a principal in a government school alongside tuition to children and her own daughters in order to make the ends meet.

Resultantly, Kashaf is able to get admission to a renowned institute with her outstanding academic performance where she meets Zaroon, the protagonist from an affluent family and who has remained at the top before Kashaf’s arrival. Zaroon considers Kashaf as a rival and tries to get her out of the way through his criticism. However, he was criticized by one of his own friends, Osama who admired Kashaf for her diligence and commitment towards her studies.

Maatsaba qamar, adnan siddique, maat drama

Based on Umera Ahmed’s Novel, Sehar Aik Istiaara Hai, the teledrama, Maat, stands upright as one of the top-rated TV series premiered in September 2011 on HUM TV. Maat, with a literal meaning of defeat, revolves around the story of two sisters, Aiman and Saman who belong to a low-middle-class family.

Aiman, the elder of the two, is quite kind-hearted and tends to spread happiness in her surroundings by respecting her elders and being affectionate towards the children. Conversely, Saman appears to be over-ambitious and possesses the motive of getting affluent to fulfill her dreams by all means. They have a cousin, Faisal, who proposes to Saman despite being engaged with Aiman. Although he was refused by Saman at the outset, yet they got married as Faisal started to settle financially. The story took a shift when the affair started between Saman and Azar, Faisal’s business partner, despite the birth of their son Hadid.

Time started to make the situation more complicated where Faisal’s failed to avoid tussles between Saman and his mother. One such incident led to Saman filing a divorce against Faisal that ended up marrying Azar. This created a troublesome situation for the young Hadid. Resultantly, Faisal’s family decided to marry Aiman so that she can nurture and bring Hadid up as his mother. The drama does not end here as there are more complications in terms of new affairs between Faisal and Saman after Azar’s death.

Shehr-e-Zaatdrama serials, , Shehr e Zaat, Aks Drama serial

Produced by Momina Duraid and directed by Sarmad Sultan, Shehr e Zaat stands as one of the acclaimed spiritual drama series based on Umera Ahmed’s novella under the same title. Starring the conspicuous Mahira Khan, Shehr e Zaat reflects the life of a young woman’s pursuits to gain worldly pleasures followed by her endeavors to become self-aware paving the way towards finding the part of spirituality and ultimately meeting up with the creator.

Born in an affluent family, Falak Sher Afghan used to make sculptures of the man of her dream as a student of arts and got amazed to see the dream turned into a reality after meeting Salman Ansar played by Mikaal Zulfiqar. Despite the crush of her close friend, Hamza, on Falak, she wants to move ahead in life with Salman and her wish got true as they got married and lived happily.

However, the viewers find the turn of events as Salman begins an extramarital affair with one of his employees, Tabinda. As Falak gets to know about her husband’s illegitimate relations with another woman, she investigates and gets surprised to find the appearance of Tabinda inequivalent to her own stature and beauty. Under this predicament and ambiguous situation, she tends to understand the reality and meaning of life under the guidance of her grandmother, the role marvelously played by Sameena Peerzada.

BehaddMaat Drama, DIgest Writer, Zindagi Gulzar Hai,

Behadd presents another masterpiece of Umera Ahmed under the production of Momina Duraid and directed by Asim Raza. The narrative portrays a strong role of Masooma also known as Mo in the drama whose sole reason for existence is her daughter Maha as her husband died in a road accident. Within the story, Masooma comes across her old friend, Jamal Ahmed also known in the play as Jo, who is a divorcee and is pleased to meet his childhood friend. He pays a visit to Masooma’s home for dinner and connects well with Maha despite her introverted, antisocial, and possessive nature for her mother.

After spending some time together with mother and daughter, Jamal considers it as the right time to propose Masooma which leads her into a state of surprise as she only cares about her daughter’s well-being. Shafaq as a friend of Masooma played a pivotal role in making Masooma realize that Jamal is perfect for Masooma and would provide fatherly love to Maha who feels the absence of her father like no other. As Masooma kept the proposal’s approval conditional with the consent of her daughter, she was willing to marry after the rightful consent of her daughter.

Durre e Shehwarumera ahmed dramas, umera ahmed novels, Urdu literature

Another great masterpiece of Umera Ahmed is the telenovela directed by Haissam Hussain and produced by Momina Duraid. It premiered on HUM TV in 2012. The story revolves around the character of Durr e Shehwar played by the legendary Samina Peerzada alongside her husband Mansoor, the role performed by Qavi Khan. Durr e Shehwar has a daughter named Shandana who got married to Mansoor’s nephew, Haider. As the young couple had some tussles and family issues.

Shandana started to spend some time with her daughter, Sophia, at her maternal home in Murree. As a result of these disturbing circumstances, Shandana was left with no other choice but to narrate all these incidents before her father. Mansoor got disturbed after listening to all the problems being faced and highlighted by her daughter and shared all these complaints with his sister, Haider’s mother.

This resulted in the increase of these problems. In her own opinion, Shandana used to believe that her mother, Durr e Shehwar, has lived a luxurious and the most comfortable life among all family members. However, this misconception was clarified as Durr e Shehwar narrated her story of getting married to Mansoor and the problems she had to face at the outset. The transformation was gradual but brought about some good changes in the whole family and resultantly, Shandana started to live her life happily.

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Mohabat Subh Ka Sitara Haisanam jang, ARY TV, TV shows

This tragic drama series is based on a novel written by Umera Ahmed titled Ye Jo Subha Ka Ik Sitara Hai. It premiered between 2013 and 2014. Under the production of Momina Duraid and directed by Sakina Samo, the drama serial highlights the hardships faced by a young orphan named Romaisa who lives with her overly ambitious aunt and only has a few of her trustworthy friends namely Zeeshan, Nosheen, and Nabeel.

As Nabeel falls in love with Romaisa, they both get married. However, Romaisa had to face severe criticism from her In-Laws quite frequently. In all these difficult times, Zeeshan who is Nabeel’s brother played a pivotal role in becoming a reliable friend of Romaisa alongside her husband. After Nabeel’s death in a car accident, Romaisa’s aunt tends to file legal petitions in order to get hold of all the property that Nabeel has named after Romaisa.

However, she only received what she deserved. On the other side, Zeeshan was being persuaded by his parents to marry Romaisa so that all the assets remain within their own possession. As he realized the real intention of his parents behind all these persuasions, he finally takes the decision of taking Romaisa along with her daughter Maha to live an independent free from all censure faced by his parents.

Kankarpakistani dramas, HUM TV, GEO TV, umera ahmed

Starring Fahad Mustafa and Sanam Baloch, Kankar is a drama based on Umera Ahmed’s writings directed by Aabis Raza. The story revolves around the lives of two paternal cousins, Kiran and Aarzoo. The latter comes from an established background and dreams of marrying her maternal cousin Sikander. However, Sikander loves Kiran and wishes to marry her. These circumstances led to the beginning of a rift between the two families causing serious complications among their relations.

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Daampakistani tv, tv dramas, famous pakistani dramas

Daam which refers to price is another renowned drama series produced by Humayun Saeed under the direction of Mehreen Jabbar. It is based on the writings of Umera Ahmed and highlights how money can create a divide in society leading to class distinction and gender discrimination. The outset of the drama displays a strong bond of friendship between Zara and Maleeha. However, this companionship took a new turn when Zara was being considered a suitor for Maleeha’s brother. This came as a surprise for Maleeha who considered Zara not to meet the standards of her own family and not a deserving life partner for her brother, Junaid.

Baaghifamous pakistani dramas, umera ahmed dramas

Umera Ahmed has once again proven her skills with the screenplay of this drama that is considered biographical depicting the life of the controversial social media star, Qandeel Baloch who was murdered in the name of honor by her own brother. The story has presented a new perspective to make the viewers realize that the real story is not the one being presented on social media regarding Qandeel Baloch starring Saba Qamar playing the lead role.