Pakistan is a country with a rich culture and diverse population. The people of Pakistan come from different ethnic backgrounds and speak different languages. Pakistani podcasts are a great way to learn more about the culture of Pakistan. They offer a variety of topics that cover everything from current events to traditional Pakistani music and poetry.

Listening to podcasts can help you understand the history and customs of Pakistan, as well as the country’s current political landscape. In addition, Pakistani podcasts are a great way to improve your Urdu language skills.

What are Podcasts?

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Podcasts are a type of audio content that can be downloaded or streamed online. They are often episodic, consisting of multiple episodes released over time. Podcasts can be about any topic, and there are many different genres to choose from.

Podcasts can be a great way to learn new things or stay up-to-date on current events. They can also be a great way to connect with other people who share your interests. There are many different ways to find and listen to podcasts, and there is something for everyone.

Why are Pakistani Podcasts Popular?

There are a few reasons why podcasts have become so popular. For starters, they’re a great way to learn or an excellent source of entertainment. In addition, they’re portable and easy to access. And finally, they’re affordable. Let’s take a closer look at each of these reasons.

Types of Podcasts

There are many different types of podcasts. Some of the most popular ones are news podcasts. These podcasts are typically around 15 minutes long and focus on current events. Both private and public broadcasters produce these. Another popular type of podcast is the educational podcast. These podcasts are often used by students and teachers to supplement their learning. They can be either audio or video files, and cover a range of topics. There are also comedy podcasts and interview podcasts.

Moreover, there are many different types of podcasts based on genre, such as history podcasts, science fiction podcasts, and true crime podcasts. Furthermore, there are also a number of lifestyle podcasts that are popular in Pakistan. These podcasts often discuss topics such as health, food, fashion, and beauty. Finally, there are also podcast networks, which are collections of different podcasts that can be subscribed to and listened to together.

Most Popular Pakistani Podcasts You Should Listen to

There are many different types of podcasts that are popular in Pakistan. These podcasts will give you a glimpse of the rich Pakistani culture and also the warmth, hospitality, and friendliness of Pakistani people. Below are some of the most popular and widely loved podcasts that are a must-listen for every Pakistani and the ones wanting to learn about Pakistan.

Junaid Akram’s Podcast

Junaid Akram, Pakistan, Youtube

Junaid Akram, 38, is a well-known Pakistani stand-up comedian and YouTuber from Karachi, who runs this very popular Podcast through his YouTube channel. He became famous by his nickname Ganji Swag and has been able to get 700k subscribers on YouTube. This Podcast covers a variety of topics from culture and current affairs to interviews with young achievers. He is regarded as the pioneer of podcasts in Pakistan. He has invited and interviewed many big celebrities and personalities like Mahira Khan, Faisal Qureshi, Fahad Mustafa, and Imran Khan. His podcasts with Imran Khan, Nadir Ali, Jinn stories with Dr. Solangi, Suneel Munaj, and Mrs. Khan are among the most watched podcasts.

Youth Club Pakistan

Youth Club Pakistan, Raja Zia ul Haq, Podcasts

This Pakistani Podcast is run by Raja Zia ul Haq, the CEO of Youth Club, and his team. He is a prominent lecturer and conducts seminars and workshops for youth across the country. Youth Club aims to educate youth with the required skills of the modern era and enhance their potential in accordance with true Islamic Values and bring a positive change in society. The mission of Youth Club Pakistan is to create a balance between worldly and religious matters and upskill youngsters in both spheres. It produces podcasts on Islamic history, Islamic matters, happy living, self-development and improvement, and worldly as well as religious success.

Fiqh Al Qulub Updated

Dr. Farhat Hashmi, Fiqh Al Qulub, Understanding of the Heart

This Islamic Pakistani podcast is about Dr. Farhat Hashmi explaining the book Fiqh Al Quloob, written by Muhammad Ibn Ibrahim At-Tuwaijiri. The Arabic word Fiqh AL Qulub literally translates to “Understanding of the Heart”. This book teaches us the importance and contribution of heart to character development and the ultimate destiny and fate. Dr. Farhat Hashmi gives easily understandable lectures in this podcast on how to build a strong character and get success in the light of Islam.

Thought Behind Things

Thought Behind Things, Syed Muzamil Hasan Zaidi, Technology

Famously known as TBT, Thought Behind Things is a Pakistani podcast run by Syed Muzamil Hasan Zaidi. It offers quality conversations around culture, art, and technology. It also deals with news, current affairs, economy and finance, and start-ups. TBH has also recorded podcasts with politicians and industry experts like Imran Khan, Suneel Munaj, Hamza Shafaqat, and Tabish Hashmi.

Mooroo Podcast

Taimoor Moeen Salahuddin, Vlogger, Mooroo Podcast

Taimoor Moeen Salahuddin, popularly nicknamed Mooroo, owns this Pakistani podcast. He famously “talks to people sometimes in English sometimes in Urdu”. He is a YouTuber, filmmaker, musician and actor, and makes different funny YouTube sketches and vlogs. Mooroo is considered the pioneer of vlogging in Pakistan. He has 1 million subscribers on his YouTube channel and generally includes interviews in his podcasts. He has made podcasts with Engineer Muhammad Ali Mirza, Romania Khan, Ducky Bhai, Muhammad Ali Saadpara, Mehrub Moiz Awan, Fahad Mustafa, Mahira Khan, and Merub Ali.


PakistanNow, News Podcasts, Pakistani news

It is one of the most prominent Pakistani podcasts. It covers news related to Pakistan and current affairs. PakistanNow has also produced podcasts with politicians and experts like Imran Khan, Dr. Moeed Yusuf, Hammad Azhar, Miftah Ismail, and Mujahideen Hussain. Since its launch, it has gained 36.1k subscribers on YouTube.

Qasim Ali Shah Podcast

Qasim Ali Shah, Motivational Speaker, Pakistan

Indeed, Qasim Ali Shah does not need any introduction. He is the most popular motivational speaker in Pakistan. He greatly emphasizes skills, ethics, personality development, and professional wisdom so as to succeed in educational, professional, and personal life. Shah integrates wisdom and latest scientific research with real-life examples to educate his listeners on various topics.

The Centrum Media

The Centrum Media, News Network, Journalists

Shortly known as TCM Originals, The Centrum Media is a news network developed by some of the best journalists and filmmakers in the country. It broadcasts news in a new and non-conventional way to generate social impact. This podcast also covers interviews. Naked truth is a widely famous show produced by TCM Originals, that gained immense popularity by conducting an interview series with Julie Khan, a Trans rights activist, and then with Moiz Awan.


Tabadlab, Uzair Younus, Pakistonomy

This Pakistani podcast is produced by Tabadlab and hosted by Uzair Younus. It largely focuses on current affairs, economic conditions, and the political impact on the economy and the general public. It aims to simplify the complex relationship between paisa, politics, and the public.

The Pakistan Experience

Shehzad Ghias Shaikh, The Pakistan Experience, Pakistani culture

Hosted by Shehzad Ghias Shaikh, The Pakistan experience is a podcast that aims to share the culture of Pakistan, the stories about Pakistan and Pakistanis. The most popular podcasts hosted by The Pakistan Experience had Professor Dr. Ishtiaq Ahmed, Alina Khan, Saima Sadiq, Sana Jafri, Muhammad Moiz, and Tariq Ali as their respective guests.

Where to listen to these podcasts?

As listed above, some Pakistani podcasts are focused on news and current events, while others are focused on entertainment and culture. However, both types have a huge fan base and audience in Pakistan. You can easily listen to all of these podcasts and many others on YouTube. Many of these are also available on other platforms like Spotify, SoundCloud, Apple Podcasts, Instagram, etc. These platforms have extensive libraries of podcasts to choose from and make discovering new shows easy. They also provide the option to subscribe and automatically download new episodes of your favorite shows.