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LearnObots, a Pakistani startup from Islamabad is offering education and training in robotics and 3D printing to help children learn about robots and have fun at the same time. 

The startup has now launched in the United Kingdom after getting success in Pakistan and Dubai.

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The robots having 3D body printing body parts, sensors, circuits, and simple build-in programming solutions are helping children to learn the basics of robotics and programming. LearnObots started its first workshop at a local school, where the startup was able to gather a good amount in its very first workshop which led to the realization of this untapped educational system.

The startup launched their first-ever official startup at SMART lab at NUST and created many robots and sold many of them, the 3D printing was being collaborated with Karachi-based service providers.

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The Startup is aiming to conduct its educational classes and workshops using robots in local schools and colleges. The startup is already creating another solution by the name of Maker Space where children will be able to create different tech-related equipment and learn.

LearnObots is already conducting workshops in Dubai and they have created a name for themselves and now their next launch is in the United Kingdom.