The most invested startups are small businesses and schools as both can have a firm grip and ground. Small businesses are easy to manage and a new investor can gain experience from doing so. Educational institutions on the other hand can also be beneficial as they can allow new investors to understand team management, finance allocation, and inventory management. Pakistani startups in education are relatively new, but with the passage of time, the edtech market is growing. 

Let’s discuss the top 10 Pakistani startups in education that are set out to create waves.

How Do Startups Work?

Startups are young companies founded to innovate a product or produce something entirely new and inimitable that address specific unmet needs. Rooted in innovation, a startup aims to address deficiencies of preexisting products or create entirely new ones, disrupting standard business practices in entire industries. It’s because of entrepreneurs that there are many per-industry startups labeled disruptors.

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Startup companies operate in the same way as other businesses. They gather a crew and develop a product that customers can purchase. What makes startup businesses different from other businesses, though, is that they typically take a different approach when attempting to accomplish their goals. Some restaurants, for example, may franchise out an operation created by a different owner.

To a large extent, they’re based on existing templates of how businesses operate. A startup aims to create a new template. In the food industry, this could mean offering meal kit services, such as Blue Apron and Dinnerly, to provide individuals the convenience and choice of a restaurant-prepared meal without the latter’s issues. In turn, that feeds many potential customers that small-scale restaurant cannot service, at tens of millions of bushels.

Top 10 Pakistani Startups in Education

Below are the greatest and most efficient Pakistani startups in education:


Maqsad, Education, Taha Ahmed, Rooshan Aziz

Earlier in 2021, Taha Ahmed and Rooshan Aziz quit their careers in London’s strategy consultancy and investment banking to launch Maqsad, a mobile learning platform. Maqsad, one of the top Pakistani startups in education, is an educational tech company that offers localised educational content in a combination of English and Urdu in order to reach a larger group of school-age students. For students, it also provides tests and other gamified elements.

The virtual education platform called Maqsad makes online learning enjoyable, quick, and simple by providing bite-sized lecture videos. Maqsad’s goal is to provide 100 million learners in Pakistan with affordable access to a high-quality education.

The Maqsad Online Learning Platform offers the following features:


This is an EdTech startup, devised by Orenda Educational Studios that offers top-notch education. Any stakeholder (School owners, Principal, Instructors, Students) is better able to facilitate sustainable, lifelong education, thanks to its services.

It includes educational activities made to teach younger pupils English phonics and Taleem in Urdu. Children are taught to write and read words from the English as well as Urdu languages through a collection of English and Urdu phonics cartoons. For kids to speak and read Urdu proficiently, it’s the first application that teaches Urdu phonics. To assist children with identifying letter shapes, it includes a number of tracing games. They can develop their grip and motor abilities for gripping pencils.

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Children develop their arithmetic skills by learning to count, add, and subtract. They enjoy playing the many English and Urdu games on this app, and they learn more as they play.

Every time a youngster completes a game, they receive a trophy and unlock an achievement. As a result, the youngster feels a sense of achievement that motivates them to use the app more and learn new things.


Out-Class, Education, Business

Out-Class, which was founded in 2020, offers a top-notch substitute to tuition institutes from the ease of students’ homes and according to their convenience. In a typical Out-Class Crash Course, you can cover the whole syllabus, together with previous exam problems and in-depth responses, in 25 hours.

Its lecturers come from the top universities in the world and are deeply passionate about what they teach. They select the most pertinent knowledge for each course based on their years of experience, ensuring that students are adequately and quickly prepared for each exam.

Its multimodal content is produced internally, and its instructional methodology is based on the most recent findings in the neurology of learning. It uses cutting-edge tools on its top-tier platform to make sure that students are in charge of their education.

This startup was created with Gen-Z students in mind, taking into account the many activities they participate in and the competing demands on their time. The courses are exactly in line with what this generation wants and needs.


A dream has come true with Edkasa, the fastest-growing ed-tech platform in Pakistan. Recently, two inquisitive Pakistanis, Fahad Tanveer, and Annum Sadiq conducted research and discovered solutions that would improve the nation’s educational system. The answer was there, silently glaring at them, however it required passionate persistence.

The pair decided to work even more closely together to support Pakistan’s future. Companions followed as their routes continued to converge. This passion and commitment led to the creation of Edkasa, an organisation that today works daily to address what is likely Pakistan’s biggest issue: access to high-quality education. The objective is to support young minds in finding solutions on their own. The goal of the business is to unite the passion.

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Edkasa has intervened to increase accessibility without placing a strain on the teachers. Its online courses have received 1.3M hours of watch time and are accessible to thousands of students. Teachers’ selection depends on their expertise and enthusiasm. And this shows in the way they connect with their students. Edkasa is assisting kids in passing their Matric exams by utilising the accessibility of mobile internet. To help pupils pass their Matric exams, the courses include math, physics, chemistry, and English.


Iqbal Mustafa Khan, Sabaq, Education

Iqbal Mustafa Khan formed the Sabaq Foundation Trust, also known as Sabaq Foundation or just Sabaq, in 2012 as a self-funded non-profit trust. It is registered with the Government of Pakistan. The trust’s current chairman is Iqbal’s brother Afzaal Mustafa. Its goal is to produce top-notch instructional videos for every Pakistani kid studying in schools with both English and Urdu as the primary languages. These video lectures are offered online, completely free of charge, by the Sabaq Foundation.

On its website, Sabaq Foundation offers a practise test function. After each exercise or chapter, students can take one of these sample exams to help them prepare for their exams. Schools have access to Sabaq Lite, an offline version of Sabaq, in order to broaden the scope of the Sabaq Foundation.

For each of Pakistan’s education boards (Sindh, Punjab, KP, Baluchistan, and Federal), Sabaq Foundation has created and published over 14,000 video tutorials. Physics, Chemistry, Math, Biology, English, General Science, Computer Science, General Math, Statistics, and Accounting are among the topics that it helps cover. Furthermore, it has developed lessons for the Kindergarten level as well. At Sabaq, video lectures serving as study aids for the MCAT and ECAT tests as well as Cambridge textbooks are also accessible.

Sabaq Foundation’s exceptionally competent teaching staff prepares the video lectures using cutting-edge computer technology. The lecturers incorporate graphic animations and multimedia to carry out the blended learning approach.


The mission of Nearpeer, which was founded in 2016 by Ammar Ali Ayub, Umair Latif, and Shahrukh Swati, is to use technology to make high-quality education accessible and cheap all across Pakistan as well as the Middle East. No matter their financial situation or where they live, everyone should have the same chance to study and develop.

The members of Nearpeer are passionate, young, and growth-oriented individuals who have taken on the challenge of enhancing learning in Pakistan and the MENA area. The team members put in a lot of effort to make sure that students are in charge of their education. They hold that it is up to the individual student to choose what, when, how, how much, and how quickly to learn.

Nearpeer, the online learning platform, is revolutionizing the way students are learning. With over 387,151 students already enrolled and best qualified instructors teaching courses ranging from IELTS to CA/ACCA, MDCAT to ISSB, CSS & PMS and O and A levels – Nearpeer is making a huge difference in the academic prospects of many young learners. The platform provides FSc and Matric level courses and entry tests preparation as well as University course solutions catered to their needs.

It allows users to learn at their own pace with interactive study material like practice questions and test series. Through its affordable services and tailored content, Nearpeer aims to provide a better education system for each student across Pakistan.


Kumail Kazmi, Smadent, Educational startup

As the Most Talented Young Entrepreneur of the Year 2021, Kumail Kazmi developed the educational technology platform Smadent in Pakistan in 2019. It aids students in their academic pursuits by offering them a choice of online learning materials.

The goal of Smadent is to connect people worldwide and to make the web a safer and more useful platform for both students and instructors. It is a student-oriented online platform that provides all of the necessary learning materials for students. Smadent ensures that students have access to textbooks, notes, results, date sheets and past papers in one convenient location. Students can use these resources to stay organised and up-to-date with their studies.

For its services to the educational field, it has received the Best Modern Educational Curriculum Platform – Pakistan award from MEA Markets (UAE Business Awards 2020). Additionally, AI Global Media Ltd. recognised it as Pakistan’s Best Educational Website.

The online platform allows students to search for any resource they need with ease, avoiding the hassle of searching through multiple websites or libraries for each item. The user interface also makes it easy for students to navigate between different features on Smadent and find what they require quickly and efficiently.


The learning management system (LMS), e-learning, academic, and administrative management are all combined into Ilmversity. It’s a full solution that is transforming educational institutions like schools and colleges (School Management System).

It makes it easier for them to entirely change into a new environment. enhancing their effectiveness and giving them the newest technology. Ilmversity has a cloud-based solution that offers an efficient administration system. It also enables e-learning, and high levels of security, flexibility, and adaptability. Moreover, it enhances their effectiveness and gives them the newest technology. Ilmversity gathers parents, teachers, and students on the same page. It addresses their long-overdue needs with simple components and an intuitive UI. It is one of the best educational solutions in the Middle East and Pakistan.

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Ilmversity is a comprehensive school management software that empowers schools to automate their operations and streamline their processes. It helps schools manage their data, keep track of student progress, and access real-time information. It features a powerful dashboard that provides administrators with an overview of all activities. This also allows them to quickly analyze data and make informed decisions. Ilmversity also offers branch/level management, which enables administrators to manage multiple branches from one central location.

Class/subject management is another essential feature of Ilmversity. As it helps admins organize course material according to subject. Thus, making it easier for students to find the material they need. The software also includes student and parent management which allows parents to monitor their child’s performance in classes and get timely updates about school events.

It also offers an innovative fee payment solution. That makes it easy for students to pay their tuition fees and other charges. The finance management feature helps administrators to track tuition payments, generate invoices, and manage credit/debit card payments. Furthermore, Ilmversity also has SMS integration. It allows users to receive instant updates about their account activity or any school related information.


Omair Masood, Ahmed Saya, Pakistani startups in Education

Bryt is one of the Pakistani startups in education that is leading the way in online learning and teaching. It provides students with a meaningful learning journey. This revolutionary platform is spearheaded by Chief Academic Officer Omair Masood and Academic Director Ahmed Saya. It offers students access to videos and assessment material that are set up for success. 

Bryt is built on passion and dedication to help students reach their goals through interesting and interactive content. Their instructors are carefully chosen for their strong commitment to making sure each student gets the best out of the course they’re taking. With over 10 years of experience in teaching, they provide engaging instruction that helps enrich students’ understanding of the subject matter. 

The comprehensive teaching platform has been specifically designed with rich content which makes it easier for learners to better understand the topics being taught.

Bryt, one the best Pakistani startups in education, makes learning simple and easy. It offers courses on a wide range of topics such as Accounting, Biology, and Mathematics. Bryt is not just limited to general subjects; it also offers specialized courses in Economics and Pakistan Studies. Learners can use the platform to learn, revise and ask questions related to their coursework. They can even clear any doubts they may have by connecting with tutors on the platform. 

The platform also allows learners to review their course material anywhere, anytime. So that they don’t miss out on important topics or ideas. Furthermore, learners are encouraged to practice what they’ve learned. They can do so by repeating drills given at the end of each lesson module on the app. This helps them apply what they have learned in real-life scenarios for future use.


The portal for choosing your studies,, allows you to look up and analyze universities and their programs. It offers free admission counseling and assists students in making informed decisions while selecting a course, program, and school. With Daakhla’s single application form service, you just need to fill out your information once before applying to several institutions. Moreover, you can pay fees online to avoid having to physically visit any universities or institutes.

Daakhla application platform helps students find the best institutes and programs to match their requirements and interests. With a single click, students can search from over 1000 programs, and 150+ institutes across 50 cities in Pakistan. Daakhla’s advanced filter system enables students to narrow down their search and compare options based on criteria like specialization, fees, duration etc. This could be a tedious task for many students. But with the help of Daakhla, it is now convenient and fast.

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Daakhla also provides additional features that make the application process easier for users. Students can easily submit applications without manually filling forms. Daakhla automatically transfers all the information provided by them during registration into respective institute forms. Additionally, they also have an easy-to-pay application fee payment gateway that allows quick payment options.

The Bottom Line

In conclusion, these Pakistani startups in education have opened up a new world of possibilities for the education sector in Pakistan. With their innovative ideas, these startups are helping to bridge the digital divide. They also bring new opportunities to students and educators alike. These inspiring startups have made it possible for people to access quality educational resources with just a few taps on their devices. Moreover, they are also playing a key role in providing access to meaningful employment opportunities to thousands of young people across the country.