Pakistani Students Leave a Lasting Impression at CERN

by Hajra Saeed
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Pakistan & CERN

From the beginning Pakistan has been working with CERN. Currently it is playing an important role in most of their key experiments.

Associate Member State

After proper evaluation, Pakistan was approved this year and has become its Associate Member therefore making it the first Asian country. This will allow Pakistani scientists to work at CERN as well as participate in training and development programs.

Openlab Summer Students Program 2015

Out of 1600 applicants, 40 students were selected who had done BSc or MSc (in the fields of computing, engineering, mathematics or physics) to participate in the exclusive CERN Openlab Summer Students Program, which included a hands-on experience of working with cutting-edge software and hardware technologies, a series of lectures given by IT experts and visiting various CERN facilities as well as others.

Azqa Nadeem and Hamza Zafar from Pakistan were among those students, both graduates of NUST. Azqa highly impressed everyone with her skills, as a result she claimed top position and was awarded The Overall Best Lightning Talk 2015 for her presentation entitled Evaluation and implementation of SQRL and U2F for 2FA, based on her work.

CMS Experiment

While Muhammad Ansar Iqbal who has an MSc degree in Material Physics and MPhil in Experimental High Energy Physics amazed everyone with his work on the CMS (Compact Muon Solenoid), a general-purpose detector at the Large Hadron Collider (LHC). His supervisor at CERN believes that he has outstanding technical, theoretical and experimental skills.

About CERN

CERN (The Council of European Organization for Nuclear Research) was initiated in 1954 and is located just outside Geneva, Switzerland. It is a leading research institute, where Physicists & Engineers use the world’s biggest and most intricate scientific instruments to learn about the structure of the universe. It is one of the first European alliances; now having 21 member countries.

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