Are you a traveler yourself and love to explore your surroundings? Has the current lockdown and the resultant work from home routine made you so frustrated? Do you wish to find a gateway to escape the feeling of being imprisoned? Well, the good news for you is that you belong to the digital age of information and communication technology bridging the gap and going beyond borders. It’s possible by following the list of best travel vloggers in Pakistan. pakistani, travel, traveller, travel vloggers

Why worry when you are just a click away from reaching the farthest areas of the world? YouTube has provided a forum for people to show their talent and hidden potential. Alongside that, it gives a chance to witness different languages, cultures and lifestyles. As a result, many Pakistani travel vloggers have embarked on a journey to reflect a soft image of their country and promote tourism by visiting the most beautiful places of Pakistan. They not only turn these scenic shots more artistic and appealing for the viewers with the art of cinematography but also make their travel videos entertaining with their gossip and direct interaction with the viewers.

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10 Pakistani Travel Vloggers Whom You Should Subscribe to Immediately

So, if you really want to escape from your daily routine and want to explore the world by traveling virtually, then here is our list of 10 Pakistani Travel Vloggers whom you should subscribe to immediately to stay updated with every new video that they have to offer.

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Taimoor Salahuddin aka MoorooTaimoor Salahuddin, travelling, travel freak

Our first recommendation for you to start a worth remembering travel experience is Taimoor Salahuddin popularly known on YouTube as Mooroo. Before talking about his channel, you all should know that Taimoor is a multi-talented YouTuber who has also impressed his followers as a singer, editor, and director. Although, he has created different types of content on his channel including skits, comedy videos, discussion videos. Nevertheless, his channel’s impression rate went sky high when he started posting his travel videos, covering the beautiful northern areas of Pakistan. Just check out his trip to Batura Glacier and you will be amazed to see the beauty that it has to offer. If you want more, then dive into his Skardu series where he will take you to every nook and corner of the place. You simply cannot miss this for any reason. Taimoor already has reached 999 thousand subscribers which are continuously increasing. People appreciate his way of covering and presenting the beauty of his destination through drone shots and cinematography. So make sure to subscribe to his channel and stay connected with the new content. You will not regret it.

Rana Hamza Saiftravelling, pakistani, travel pakistan

Next, we have a YouTuber who belongs to district Bahawalnagar and started his channel with lifestyle vlogs and with the passage of time, started to travel around the world. We are talking about the tall boy Rana Hamza Saif popularly known as RHS. Hamza was quick in terms of gaining the attention of Pakistani community. The reason behind his fame are the jokes that he cracks in each video alongside his boys. Being a food lover, his visits to Turkey and Dubai mostly target their famous restaurants. He has not only tried the traditional dishes but has also explored the famous Pakistani restaurants available within these regions. He talks about culture, lifestyle and the traditional dishes consumed by the local residents of a particular region.  His intent is to help Pakistani tourists find newer places to eat and newer cuisines to try.

If you want to know what he is up to nowadays, then you can also search for another channel of his which is named as ‘Shapack’, launched as his second channel after the success of his first one.

Wildlens by Abrartravel adventure, travel freak, traveller

Each YouTuber owns a different style of presenting their content to their audiences. One such unique style is being practiced by a Pakistani named Abrar Hassan. He creates vlogs while riding his motorbike. Abrar created his channel in the year 2008 and since then he has traveled and recorded his tours to different countries including Norway, Switzerland, Austria, Lapland, Sweden, Ireland, Palestine, Israel, Germany, Turkey, Iran and of course Pakistan.

Have you ever imagined someone traveling from Germany to Pakistan on a motorbike? Well, Abrar has done it; you need to see it to believe it. Just click on his channel, subscribe and click on his series Germany to Pakistan and just see the entire journey he has caught on his camera. Abrar has not left any stone unturned and gives you a holistic view of every place he visits by capturing it from his drone. Another interesting thing about Abrar is his conversational nature, which appeals to the audience too. He does not hide failures, which he witnesses during these journeys. This is probably one of the reasons that the audiences really appreciate him for his honesty and straightforwardness.

Irfan Junejopakistani, pakistan, travel pakistan

Starting his YouTube journey in the year 2010, Irfan Junejo is a known Pakistani star on digital media who is known. He not only makes daily lifestyle vlogs, but has also created amazing travel vlogs. The peculiar feature about his videos is that they are extremely informative for the average viewer. Besides that, his travel videos provide a beautiful and vivid experience of every site he has covered in the series. Some of his most acclaimed videos provide a complete guide to travel to Naran, Khuzdar, Gwadar, Ranikot and Bali. In addition, his narrative style of conversing and interacting with the audience makes him one of the eye-catching travel vloggers in Pakistan. Don’t forget to watch his complete trip to Malaysia and the 96 hours that he spent in Turkey. You will enjoy each and every moment as he won’t let you get bored anywhere during the complete series. Just give it a try by subscribing to his channel that already has over 1 Million subscribers and is increasing even further.

UkhanoPakistan travel blog, Pakistani vloggers, travel vlog

Umar Khan is another example from the list of good travel vloggers; he is popularly known as Ukhano. After graduating from National College of Arts, he started his channel in the year 2017 and attained great fame in a short span of time. His story has inspired many youngsters to follow his footsteps and set an example. Umar Khan offers a variety of content on his channel in the form of films, interviews, talk shows, travel series and lifestyle vlogs. Out of all of these genres, his travel videos have been one of the most acclaimed ones. Particularly, his video titled as ‘K-2 A Hate Story’ stands as one of his best productions, which received huge amounts of comments and likes from the viewers. Furthermore, you should not miss his video on his trip to LUMS, Hunza valley, Kinnaird College, National College of Arts, Bahawalpur, Lahore, Gwadar, Peshawar, Kalash and Skardu. You will certainly enjoy the personal element added within these videos.

Being A Traveler Starring Bilal Azamtravelogue, youtube, youtuber

If you need inspiration to become a traveler yourself, then follow the footsteps of Bilal Azam. He is a chemical engineer by profession. He launched his Youtube channel in the year 2016 and since then he has been creating some interesting series highlighting the beauty of Pakistan like you have never seen before. Some of his famous road trips include the exploration of Southern Pakistan, Trekking to Miranjani Peak, Hiking to Katora Lake and Jahaz Banda, Naran, Swat, Kashmir and Gilgit Baltistan. For all the fans of road trip vlogs on a bike, Bilal has recorded his Skardu trip as well.

Bilal has been traveling across different countries too, including Malaysia, Thailand, UAE, Saudia Arabia, Sri Lanka, Maldives, Qatar, Turkey, Mexico, Puerto Rico, Singapore, Azerbaijan, Indonesia, Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, and Nepal. Some of these vlogs have not been posted yet, but Bilal has assured his fans that he will be editing and uploading these trips one-by-one. So, the best way to stay updated with him is to subscribe to his channel; you will be able to see so many unexplored countries once you do so!

Khadejapakistani girls, pakistani youtuber, paksitani videos

Pakistani girls are as talented as male travel vloggers and are creating engaging content on YouTube. Khadeja is one such example who started her journey in 2016 and now has 173 thousand subscribers. The credit goes to her alone in terms of all the dedication with which she has posted content on a regular basis related to fashion and beauty and skin care tips. In addition to all this, her trip to Bali is the most entertaining travelogue which you must watch to have an exciting experience of how a Pakistani girl perceives her experience of traveling. Khadeja loves to explore Pakistani cities as well. She has shown Multan, Islamabad, Karachi, and Hyderabad in her different vlogs.

Sidra Mehrantravel tips, Pakistani girl, pakistani cities

There must be many of you striving to study abroad for attaining higher education; you might be searching for scholarship opportunities in different countries. One such country is China which is preferred by many students as well as parents for being close compared to all the other options. If you wish to know how the life of a Pakistani student is while studying in China then subscribe to Sidra Mehran. Her videos include a complete tour of China and its lifestyle. Sidra not only showed China to her audience. Not only this, but her brief visit to Malaysia is also worth watching. She has also explored Kalam, Malam Jabba, Swat, Lahore, and Hyderabad in Pakistan. Sidra enjoys sharing funny stories with her viewers. Along with her husband and her little son, Sidra loves to share her travel stories in each post.

Anushae KhanSkardu, Hunza, Fairy Meadows,Chillas

Ansuhae Khan is more popularly known for her fashion insights and make up vlogs. However, there is a big section of her channel which is dedicated to pure travel experiences. Anushae along with her husband, Noman, has traveled to Turkey, and Italy and has vlogged her trip there. Along with that, she has explored local places like Skardu, Hunza, Fairy Meadows and Chillas. Anushae has also shown how America looks from the perspective of a Pakistani in one of her older series, where she visited the US with her family.

All-in-all Anushae is extremely motivated to travel even more. She has done two long road trips where she traveled all the way from Karachi to Islamabad in 16 hours. She assures to create even more travel vlogs for her viewers. So make sure to get in touch with Anushae’s adventures by subscribing to her channel.

KashanSwat Valley, Azad Kashmir, Bhit Kohri, Tando Allah Yar

Being unapologetically direct, Kashan loves to share interesting insights about the things he sees in his everyday life. Kashan also shares interesting jokes with the viewers to keep them engaged in the content. Along with his friends, Kashan has been able to travel to numerous Pakistani places, which include Swat Valley, Kashmir, Bhit Kohri, Tando Allah Yar, Baku, Kumrat Valley, Lahore, Kartarpur, Bahawalpur, Pir Ghaib, and Quetta. Through these trips, he has managed to reach underexplored areas of Pakistan. Particularly, his visit to Balochistan was highly appreciated by his viewers as there are rare footage of that area in his vlogs.

He has also documented his Umrah trip to Makkah, Jeddah and Madina in Saudi Arabia. Kashan has visited Indonesia, Azerbaijan, Qatar, Turkey, and Cappadocia. His international tours are quite interesting to watch as Kashan not only shows the places to us, but he also shares his own insights and feelings about visiting different places. Being a critical observer, he also compares and contrasts different cultures and places, which gives more value to his content overall.

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Thus, each of these Pakistani travel vloggers has something new and different to offer. They have made it convenient for the viewers to see so many new dimensions of Pakistan. Their vlogs help viewers in deciding which places to visit both in Pakistan and internationally. Once you will start seeing their travel vlogs, you will certainly be astonished to see how much effort they are putting in their content to make it worthwhile. For appreciating their hard work, make sure to view, subscribe and leave feedback for them.