YouTube, Irfan Junejo, Instagram,

Pakistani YouTuber Irfan Junejo Acquires a Special Shoutout on YouTube’s Official Instagram

YouTube, Irfan Junejo, Instagram,

The realm of Youtube is huge where content creators around the world showcase their talent in different topics from tech to travel.

Pakistan has a very low number in terms of Youtube content creators despite the fact that you can earn a handsome amount on Youtube by sharing original content. However, in the past few years, a few talented content creators have emerged from Pakistan and one of them is Irfan Junejo who has done exceptionally well and has gathered more than one hundred thousand subscribers in just one year. 

Irfan creates vlogs, tech reviews, and everyday life videos on Youtube and hosts his own show on Youtube by the name of “The Jo Bhi show”.

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Irfan is not only popular in Pakistan but he enjoys a fan following from different parts of the world such as India and USA.

Youtube has recently recognized this talented content creator from Pakistan and gave him a shoutout on Youtube Stories. Youtube posted a story in which they appreciated well-known Youtubers from around the well and Irfan Junejo was one of them. This comes as a confidence boost and becomes a motivation factor for other Youtuber content producers and aspirants from Pakistan.

Youtube promoted Irfan Junejo and asked the users to subscribe to his channel.

Irfan Junejo has made a name for himself and is regarded as one of the best content creators in Pakistan. He is popular because his message resonates with the general public and people, especially youngsters, can relate to him. “People see themselves in me”, said Junejo in one of the Youtube shows in which he was the guest. His message is straightforward and talks about everyday life and issues.

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