Many Pakistanis due to the exceptional performances in their respective fields have had the distinction of being admitted in international Halls of Fame.

World Squash Federation (WSF) Hall of Fame

The WSF was established in 1967, and only the greatest of players have a place in its hall of fame. Three of our own are among them:

Hashim Khan (1951-63)

The world’s most famous and supreme player who won 7 British Opens, consecutively from 1951 to 56 and then his last one in 1958 at the age of 44, 3 US Opens, the last one at age 49, as well as 1 Australian Open, 3 Canadian Opens and 8 Scottish Opens.

Jahangir Khan (1979-93)

He is considered to be the greatest squash player ever. He became the youngest person in the world to have won the World Open (at the age of 17) and went on to win it 5 more times, while he claimed the British Open ten times consecutively. He also won 555 matches consecutively, the highest number by any athlete in the world which made a Guinness World Record. He has also played the second longest match in squash history. He has served as President of the World Squash Federation from 2002-2008, and continues as Emeritus President.

Jansher Khan (1986-2002)

Another great player who dominated the world’s squash courts and remained World No 1 for over 10 years. He won World Open eight times and the British Open six times.

US Squash Hall of Fame

The US Squash Hall of Fame was founded in 2000. It inducts players from all levels and forms of squash. It also honors those individuals who have made great contributions and influenced the game in the US, off court or in administering. Three members of the extremely prestigious Khan family have been recognized:

Hashim Khan in 2000

He migrated to America in 1960. He was the first Muslim and colored person to step onto the clubs and courts of USA. He became the sole reason why the game of squash flourished there.  He gave lessons to anyone who wanted to learn the game, and people came from all over the world. He was a genius with the ball and had the stamina to beat nearly anyone.

Mohibullah ‘Mo’ Khan in 2001

He was the nephew of Hashim Khan, and a leading player during the 1960s. He won the British Open in 1963 and then moved to the USA, where he played and taught at the Harvard Club, in Boston. He won the US Professional Championship consecutively from 1965-69.

Sharif Khan in 2004

He is the first non-US citizen to be inducted. He is the eldest son of Hashim Khan, and one of the all-time great players of hardball squash (a North American version with a faster ball and smaller court). During his tenure he won every major squash title. He reached the final of the North American Open 15 consecutive times during 1968-82, and won 12 times. He also won the US Professional Championship 9 times during 1970-79.

International Cricket Council (ICC) Hall of Fame

The ICC Hall of Fame was initiated in 2009 to mark hundreds years of ICC. The aim was to acknowledge the achievements of all the great players who graced the field of cricket.

Out of seven countries, we rank number four; with five cricketers in the list:

Hanif Muhammad (1952-70)

Known as the Little Master, Hanif Muhammad was considered one of the world’s best batsmen at the peak of his career. He broke Donald Bradman’s record of highest number of runs in first class cricket (499), a record that remained unbroken for 35 years. He could bowl using both arms, and acted as wicket keeper many a times.

Imran Khan (1971-92)

He served as captain for nearly 10 years, during 1982-92, and was Pakistan’s most successful captain as he led the country to victory in the World Cup of 1992. He has the second highest record of achieving 3000 runs and 300 wickets in 73 test matches.  He also has the second highest all time batting average of playing at the sixth position.

Javed Miandad (1975-96)

ESPNcricinfo stated the greatest batsman Pakistan has ever produced. He broke George Hadley’s 47 year old record and became the youngest player to make a double century at the age of 19. He was the fastest Pakistani to complete 2000 runs in test innings. He has made six double centuries, which is the most by any Pakistani cricketer. He is the first and one of two players to have played in six World Cups. He holds the world record for scoring the highest number of half centuries in One Day Internationals (ODI).

He is also featured in the Hall of Fame at Lords.

Wasim Akram (1984-2003)

He is considered one of the greatest left-arm fast bowlers. He holds a world record for the highest number of wickets in List A cricket (881). In ODIs he has the second highest number with 502 but was the first bowler to reach the 500 mark. He is possibly the best in reverse swing bowling. According to Wisden 100 ODI list; he was ranked as the best bowler of all times.

Waqar Younis (1989-2003)

Known as the Burewala Express and thought to be one of the greatest right-arm fast bowlers. He and Wasim Akram formed the world’s most formidable bowling pair. He has the second best strike rate in test cricket. He has taken the highest number of 5 wickets in a match (13 times). He currently coaches the Pakistan team.

US Medical Mission Hall of Fame (MMHOF)

Since 2004 the MMHOF has been recognizing individuals and institutions for their unwavering commitment and contributions towards the well-being of people within their country and all over the world. Two outstanding Pakistanis have been instated:

Sania Nishtar in 2011

She has been rendering great services for the health system in the country since 1990 and is Pakistan’s first female cardiologist. She is the founder and president of the NGO Heartfile which is the most potent health policy here, and is significantly acknowledged as a model for other developing countries. She then established the Heartfile Health Financing whose aim was to provide poor people with the finances needed for life saving surgeries.   Around 4000 patients have benefited until now. She is also the founder of Health Policy Forum, a platform through which the public can be involved in health-issues of the country. Her book Choked Pipes became the blueprint for Pakistan’s health policy. In addition she served as Federal Minister (of Science & Technology, Education & Training as well as IT & Telecom) in 2013, during which she formed Pakistan’s Ministry of Health.  She is also member of various boards, advisory committees and task forces.

She is considered a global health specialist, and admired for the integral role she plays in international initiatives, campaigns and programs. Furthermore she has been an advisor to WHO (World Health Organization) on many occasions. She is faculty member of WEF (World Economic Forum) and has been a speaker, chairperson, mediator and organizer at numerous international conferences.

She has won many both international and national awards as well.

Dr. Amjad Hussain in 2012

He is an Emeritus Professor of Thoracic Cardiovascular surgery at the University of Toledo College Of Medicine, where he has been a voluntary faculty member for the past 33 years. He has teaching experience in various countries such as China, India, Libya, USA and of course Pakistan.

He has put forward numerous surgical methods and invented 2 medical machines i.e. a unique endotracheal tube for oxygen supply in fiber-optic bronchoscopy and a pleura-peritoneal shunt. In recognition of his accomplishments, University of Toledo founded the S. Amjad Hussain Endowed Professorship in Thoracic and Cardiovascular Surgery  in 2009.

He happens to be a humanitarian as well; as he has donated massive supplies and equipment to those in need. He also facilitated the establishment of one of the largest Islamic Centers in North America. Furthermore he is an award-winning photographer; his pictures have been on the cover of 35 magazines and 8 calendars. He has also written hundreds of articles and authored over a dozen books on a variety of subjects.

US Martial Arts Hall of Fame

This was initiated in 2000, to honor those men and women who have made persistent efforts in enriching martial arts, as well as those who inculcate the skills and self-control required to learn the art.

Ahmad Amin Bodla

In 2015, Ahmad Bodla at the age of 22 became the first ever Pakistani to be inducted in the US Martial Arts Hall of Fame. He has created numerous world records, many of which he has even upgraded and is the youngest martial artist to have broken Guinness World Records which are: the highest number of martial arts kicks in a minute (355), in three minutes (852), in an hour (6,970), highest number of full-contact knee strikes in a minute (79) and highest squat thrusts with 40 pound weight in back in a minute (23). He is believed to be one of the quickest martial arts kickers in the world.

He is a Black Belt holder in TaeKwon Do, a member of the Pakistan TaeKwon Do Federation as well as a Lifetime Member of AMACP (American Martial Arts Certified Professionals). He has also learned Karate, Kung Fu and Muay Thai, and will be opening his own martial arts training club soon.

Indeed we are blessed with unique individuals who time and time again give us reasons to be proud of being Pakistani!