A fledgling organization named PTAIRD (Pakistan Technology, AI Research & Development) is trying to achieve Pakistan’s goal of becoming one of the world’s leading nations in the fields of science, technology, and space exploration. The first Space Shuttle “QUAID-1” project, code-named PKQ-1, is currently undergoing the blueprints process and will shortly release the final designs.

Pakistan’s Technology, Space Shuttle, QUAID 1


The estimated cost of QUAID 1 is $100M, and PTAIRD feels that Pakistanis should have this vision in order to earn the title of “spaceship nation.” As of now, satellites will be delivered to orbit using a space shuttle. It will open up a new economic channel for financing, assisting Pakistan’s technological advancement.

Speaking with the founder of PTAIRD (Dr. Ahmed), he said, “Pakistan successfully became a nuclear power and demonstrated to the outside world that our nation is equal to others. It is now imperative that we advance in technology and space, and set a new benchmark that will not only improve the economy but also our program for technology, artificial intelligence (AI), and space. Moreover, it will create jobs and assist people who are focused on their future, thus, serving and innovating Pakistan.

Additionally, PTAIRD will also be offering (Free of Cost) courses for Government Schools, Colleges, and Universities so that the privileged youth gets a better opportunity to grow more in space exploration & AI.

The space shuttle shall consist of different phases that it will complete over the years.

Phase 1:

Blueprints of “QUAID-1”

Phase 2:

Materials & Resources deployment

Phase 3:

Government & Ministry Approval

Phase 4:

Test Launches

Phase 5:

Launch of “QUAID-1” Space

The following are the specifications of “QUAID-1”:

Length: Space Shuttle: 184 ft., Orbiter: 122 ft., Height: Orbiter on runway: 57 ft.

Wingspan: 78 ft., Liftoff Weight* 4.5 million lbs, Orbit: 115-400 stat mi.

Velocity: 17,321 miles per hour.

Website: www.ptai.org.pk