Outclass was established in March 2016 with the aim of providing free online educational content for students and teachers in Pakistan and all around the world.

Pakistan’s EdTech Startup “Outclass”

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This website offers high quality learning resources including educational video lectures, games, and tests which are all free for students. In addition to the website, the company is also developing a mobile application that will provide live, real time feedback on student learning.

After it’s launch in June 2021, the company’s first funding round raised $500,000. In August 2021, Outclass received another investment of $150,000 from the University of California, Berkeley. That was to enable the company to create additional resources and provide these to the wider education community. Outclass is looking to create digital education platforms and tools for schools and students globally.

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The start-up’s founder Nabeel decided to leave his job and start Outclass to help improve education in Pakistan. The founders of Outclass have successfully managed several businesses before this one, including another Edtech startup and two tech incubators, and have a proven track record of launching new startups. The idea behind Outclass is to build a series of educational tools for K-12 schools to make learning more efficient and effective.

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Similarly Outclass provides learning analytics solutions that can provide insights into how learners learn. This allows teachers to learn which feedback do they respond best to. Moreover they also offer learning assessments, and have developed a platform that enables teachers to create customized lessons. Outclass will initially focus on building mobile and web platforms to support teaching and learning in the classroom.