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With the increasing prices of motor vehicles in Pakistan, a budget-friendly EV car is a nice sensation for car enthusiasts.

Rinco Aria is Pakistan’s first mini EV vehicle. Although, the seemingly high price tag of 24 lakhs may hold you back, keep in mind that electric vehicles have a way of saving your money in the long run. There is no need to deal with any congestion charge and they also provide you with the benefit of low running costs. There have been many new brands that are entering the electric vehicle market but this dealership based in Karachi brings the US car to the roads of Pakistan.

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Rinco Aria: Pakistan’s First Mini EV Vehicle

The car is perfectly assembled, featuring some of the finest quality material on its seats. One of its features is the Anti-lock Braking which can help you stop quickly on a slippery surface. The car also has 133 MGC and an MTD of 9.8. Electric Cars might not have had huge sales figures in Pakistan yet but it looks like the Rinco Aria is about to change that. It comes in multiple colors and has a very transparent and stylish design. With a polished metallic color and a thirteen-inch chrome wheel, it’s a car that looks fancy and won’t break the bank. It also offers more cabin space, making the car a lot more roomy and comfortable. The gear button has a one-click engagement system offering 3 selectors.

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If you compare the price of this car to other electric vehicles in Pakistan you will be surprised how cost-effective it can be. The BMW i3 costs 154.3 lakhs and the Audi e-tron costs 138.0 lakhs. So the Rinco Aria alongside Zotye Z100 is definitely the most budget-friendly option available in Pakistan. The company is also offering a two-year warranty which is a rarity, especially with local cars. Rinco Aria is surely a key contender in changing the market for EV cars in Pakistan.