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The fiscal year 2021-2022 has started quite successfully for Pakistan, in terms of exports. 

The country usually exports to China, the Maldives, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Nepal, India, and Afghanistan. Last year, from these 7 regional countries Pakistan gained a total of $1,961.659 million. In comparison to this, the present year witnessed a total of a whopping $2,776.315 million in just two months, which amounts to an overall increase of more than 41%. This highlights the progressive economy of the country.

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The country’s export to China increased to more than 63% amounting to a net of 337.525 million dollars in these two months. Pakistan’s exports increased to around 24% which is a net of 106.415 million dollars. Exports to Sri Lanka increased to around 83% reaching a net of 52.769 million dollars. The country’s exports to the Maldives increased to around 29% which amounts to 0.84 million dollars.

Out of all these countries, China is the top importer of Pakistan’s products among its neighboring countries. Other countries like Bangladesh and Afghanistan fall behind Pakistan in terms of exports to China. Let’s hope this streak continues throughout this fiscal year for the country.

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