Pakistan's Wildlife, ReWILDwithABD, Abdullah Khan

Abdullah Khan, as he describes himself, a wildlife life moderator exploring the natural world, has contributed to create Pakistan’s first Wildlife show. ‘ReWILDwithABD’ has created some of the most cinematic pieces of wildlife in Pakistan. Abdullah Khan collaborated with Discover Pakistan to bring this show into limelight. Abdullah Khan has come a long way since his humble beginnings four years ago. He launched his series two months ago with the goal of bringing spectacular and untold stories of wildlife in Pakistan. According to Abdullah, nature is something that inspires him everyday with its beauty and diversity and he wants everyone else to experience it the same way he does; his mission is to ignite the wilderness in people.

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Since the start of his series, he has traveled to many unexplored places such as Karoonjhar Hills, Nagarparkar and Port Qasim. In an episode of his ReWildwithABD series he talked about one of his most prized moments of the show- when he discovered the Striped Hyena. He said that they can mostly be found in Africa, never did he think he would encounter one in a desert in Pakistan. In another episode, he focused on the endangered Indian Vulture which is becoming one of the rarest birds in Asia

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He went to Tharparkar to find this bird and bring out one of the most exciting episodes of his show. Abdullah also brings light to the subject of climate change. In his Deosai episode about the brown bears, he spent sixty days observing and traveled for hundreds of kilometers to explore how the brown bears’ habitat is warming up at twice the rate of the normal temperature rise in Pakistan. All in All, ReWildwithABD is a unique look into the wildlife of Pakistan and you must credit Abdullah Khan for bringing this adventure to the screen.