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Parveen Saeed, the founder of “Khana Ghar” is a resident of Karachi. She vowed to help the needy and feed the poor. This initiative was taken by her when her neighbor, a mother of two, killed her children because of hunger and poverty. The mother was so helpless that she couldn’t afford to feed her children which is why she chose to kill them.

Parveen said “My mind couldn’t accept that a mother’s heart could do such a thing. When I spoke to the woman, she said, ‘if you were in my place, you’d do the same too’ and that stuck in my mind. I soon decided to do something about it.”

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According to  Parveen, she felt that it was her duty to do something about the poverty that she witnessed. She wasn’t exactly rich by money but she was rich by her heart. For twenty years, Parveen continues to feed more than 1000 people daily. That is how the idea of ‘Khaana Ghar’ was born. She decided to feed all those who couldn’t afford to feed themselves.

Khaana Ghar began out of her own house, for two decades she’s been fading 1000 and above people regularly. The food isn’t exactly free but the poor people earn it by themselves for Rs.3. According to  Parveen’s idea they charge money as they don’t want to make people discouraged and feel bad about getting free food. She also doesn’t want them to be dependent on free food. To not hurt the sentiments of the poor and needy people she charges them Rs.3 per meal which first started from Rs.2.

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Parveen Saeed said “I realized back then that poverty was one of the root causes of problems in the city. The very poor can’t even afford two square meals a day”.  She is honored by the ISPR for feeding more than 1000 people on a daily basis.