If you know about different cultures, you would be aware of the varying social systems. History shows the existence of a system governed by women, respected by all genders. This situation is Matriarchy. But, the tide started to shift towards male dominance. The governance of a social group, community, and state is patriarchy. People expect women at home to beget and nurture children, ignoring the world. It is important to know more about these two concepts. We should understand the manner in which these are different from one another. Patriarchy vs matriarchy, we will discuss their pros and cons. So, scroll down to find all the relevant details as the article is for you.

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What is Patriarchy?women rights, pakistani women, pakistani girls

There are many definitions available for elaborating the concept of patriarchy. It is a system of governance where the male member of a family or a social group is the head or the senior-most member. In other words, the father administers the house.

The first definition paves the way for the second definition. Patriarchy also means giving power and dominance to men over women. Most sociologists and anthropologists deduce denial of basic and essential rights. Women are not in the decision-making process within a patriarchal society. As mentioned, this system is the descendant of female governance.

Many critics have glorified patriarchy calling it the defeat of the female sex. Most definitions have highlighted the unequal distribution of power between men and women. The authority belongs to a male head followed by the distant members of the same family tree.

What is Matriarchy?Pakistani traditions, Pakistani culture, women power

Matriarchy exists as an antithesis to the notion of patriarchy. It signifies a system of governance administered by women. The female holds privilege, power, authority, and control of wealth. It gives prominence to women as compared to their male counterparts. The leadership is also passed on to the female lineage for appointing the new leading woman of the group. In simple words, this system is for the mothers of a family. 

The debate is ongoing about the exact time of matriarchy in different civilizations. Many historians are of the view that matriarchy evolved from depravity and anarchy.

It is a social system where women possess the privilege to establish the structure of a family. But, circumstances started to change when males started to subjugate and suppress women. They started limiting them to stay at home and nurture the young ones.

Patriarchy Vs Matriarchy: Understanding the Differencechild development, child learning, Pakistani dads

The essence of the two social systems of governance is almost the same. The authority and descendants lie on one of the two genders. The difference has started to become somewhat political. In Matriarchy, children will take the name of their mother. The property would be with the daughter after the death of her mother. Patriarchy presents the opposite picture. It includes transferring the name, power, and authority towards the son. The two systems have a major difference in their ideas about nature.

Matriarchs consider nature as something living and organic. It has to live in its pristine form. Thus, those resources should be sustainable and can be recycled. On the other hand, patriarchy is a strong advocate of materialism. In other words, all the resources provided by nature are for exploitation. As a result, supporters of patriarchy pay no heed to preserve nature. They are not careful about protecting it from the harmful effects of by-products. Matriarchs believe that all the elements of nature have a perfect balance. These elements should maintain harmony with one another.

Furthermore, this system is quite liberal to research, development, and change. Patriarchy thinks in another way. It is taking all the elements of nature separate and independent. So,  these elements can fulfill one’s needs.  It does not promote research and development. It does not intend to lead a social change. This change would be challenging the established doctrines of masculine dominance over women.

Pros and Cons of Patriarchy vs Matriarchy societal difference in Pakistan, Pakistani society, patriarchal society

If we look into the pros and cons of each system of governance, many factors need deep thinking. For example, matriarchy liberals promote all relationships among humans of all genders. This goes against the principles laid down by the religious beliefs and practices. Matriarchy leads to polytheism. On the other side, patriarchy promotes monotheism. But, it maintains a conservative system of governance. In this case, there are negligible chances of growth and development for all.

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Social System of Pakistan

Pakistan is a patriarchal society as male is the head of the family. The children get their names from their fathers. The property comes from the father to their children. Society is quite conservative. It discourages the education of women in the majority of rural areas. If you talk about the best system of the two, egalitarianism supersedes the two. It believes in maintaining balance among the sexes as highlighted in feminism.