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Ramiz Raja, chief of the Pakistan Cricket Board, proposed PCB’s four-nation cricket tournament, an annual tournament including four countries.

This proposal was introduced in January 2022 and has gone through multiple revisions by the ICC. But it still hasn’t been approved. Talking about the difficulties they are facing Ramiz Raja said that the Four-Nation Tournament is something they have planned out for a long time and will work hard to make a reality. ICC is planning another meeting with PCB and cricket boards from different countries to overview the proposal. Ramiz Raja also mentioned that the other cricket boards did not like the idea of us going further without them. The Board of Control for Cricket in India is still staying neutral on the proposal.

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Ramiz Raja also mentioned the emphasis on revenue that boards can generate through the tournament. The proposal was rejected by ICC in a meeting that took place in Dubai two weeks ago. But PCB still has high hopes for the tournament.

PCB’s Four-Nation Cricket Tournament: What to Expect?

The countries which were part of the tournament were India, Pakistan, England, and Australia. However, while  BCCI’s stand remained neutral, Board of Cricket West Indies stood up in favor so it seems West Indies might take India’s spot in the Four-Nation Tournament.

According to PCB, the tournament will be an annual event. Each of the four countries will host it by turn. The format of the tournament will be six league matches where teams will play each other once in the league phase which gives the possibility of having one final or best of three finals. PCB also said that the tournament could take place around September-October. Still, the proposal is up in the air. So, there is no confirmation by ICC. So it’s only a matter of time before another meeting takes place and the outcome could be different from before.

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