Prices, Inflation, Petrol

As of November, the prices of petrol have risen significantly. On November 10, 2021, there was another increase of 8.03 PKR. Earlier in the week, the increase was put on hold due to the Tehreek-i-Labbaik protests.

According to the latest statement by the finance ministry of Pakistan, the current price stands at 137.79 PKR. 

Along with the petrol prices, an increase was observed in the prices of diesel and kerosene as well. Diesel increased by 5.72 PKR and kerosene increased by 6.27 PKR.

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Petrol is mostly used in vehicles used by the lower to the middle class; rickshaws, chingchi, private cars and more. Hence it has had a strain on their livelihood, university, school and office regulars who travel back and forth in buses have had their fees increased significantly as well. 

The damage expanded outside of the commercial and education sector as well. Many industrial supplies and machinery require petrol such as trucks, tractors, tube-wells, agricultural engines and heavy transport such as buses and trains consume petrol as well.

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The rising price is monumental in the history of Pakistan, as we progress the hope is to see a decline in the recent bills, services, utilities and other necessities.