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PIA Inducts Another A-320 Aircraft into its Fleet, Should you Welcome it, or should You Fear it?

PIA, Trust, or Stand Clear

Over the past couple of years, PIA has had some questionable luck in regards to planes, people nowadays don’t even trust their slogan of “Safe travels”. But maybe sometimes companies just need a new toy to improve themselves and recapture the trust of employees. I’m going, to be honest, the new plane should look into the diagnostics of the bird before taking off.

New A-320, The Bird of Hope

The introduction of the new Airbus-320 has shown that the plane is owned on a 6-year lease. The Plane itself is a narrow-body aircraft that should provide excellent mobility and speed. The induction is to attract new customers in order to improve their flight operations and local and international routes. The main problems that have crippled PIAs operations are that most of its problems come from the Planes themselves with no caution warnings or proper checks and now they have fake pilots running around flying and playing with our lives.

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New Promises, Can PIA live up to the Hype?

The aircraft is said to have arrived from Sharaj and will be operational in the Gulf routes and regional routes, this statement was announced by Abdullah Hafeez Khan the official spokesman for PIA on Thursday. He went on to state that two more aircraft will also be provided and that the lease has an “Own after Expiration” stamp which allows airlines to obtain the craft for longer durations. This is due to the mutual understanding established by both parties. With these new additions, the fleet of the country’s flagged airline can reach 14 taxis. Each aircraft come with the best luxury seats, spacious cabins, and better travel facilities, sorry but the food still going to taste bad due to physics.

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