Pakistan is one of the few countries which has talents in every industry. Entertainment in particular has remained one of the majors for Pakistanis. The music industry in Pakistan has flourished over the years. We have come across many pop/rock Pakistani artists who have given us a number of hit albums.

Growing up in our country, we have praised artists for their singing skills. And we have given millions of views to music videos online. We at the same time have enjoyed many concerts in which our favorites have performed.

We grew up listening to pop music and we never grew tired of it. The variations and new productions always manage to take us by surprise and we fall in love with this genre all over again. Over the years, pop/rock Pakistani artists have managed to win our ears with their brilliant performances and albums. Songs that we keep on repeat and still our ears find amusing every time.

Top Pop/Rock Pakistani Artists Who Won Our Hearts

Pakistani artists are so full of talent that if we begin to count our favorites we will have a list that goes on forever. In the last three decades, Pakistan has raised extraordinary singers and music artists from different corners of the country.

Though it is hard to decide which one is best, we are going to put ourselves in a tough position and compile a list of the top ten rock bands that are still popular among the audience.

Here is the list that we are sure you all are still fond of:

Entity Paradigmentity paradigm, artists, bands

Mostly known as EP, is a rock band that we still listen to whenever we get a chance. The band had our hearth robbing Fawad Khan as the lead singer who turned to showbiz and acting later in his career.

Entity paradigm was a hit back in its early stages. It was formed in 2000 and the band included Fawad Khan, Ahmed Ali Butt, Zulfiqar Khan, and some other artists. The band was earlier part of the underground musical bands. EP became popular after their lead vocalists sang the title song track of a hit drama called ‘Jutt and Bond’. Another event which caused them to become even more popular was ‘Pepsi Battle of the Bands’. They emerged as finalists in the show based on huge votes from the audience. They started creating innovative, dark and thrilling videos for each of their songs. Each video and song had a deep message to share with the viewers. Some of the major hits include: Hamesha, Waqt, Kahan Hai Tu, and Hamain Azma.

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Junoonjunoon, pakistani singers, artists

Who has not heard of Junoon? We all are fans of Ali Azmat who has, over time, given us the music industry, and the world, a number of hits that we have enjoyed over the years.

Junoon’s music gave us 17 hit albums. Formed in 1990, the band consisted of Ali Azmat as the lead vocalist, Salman Ahmad as guitarist and writer, Brian O’Connell as base guitarist. The band is known to be pioneers of a new genre for rock: sufi rock. Their album ‘Azadi’ came out in 1997 and contains amazing songs like Sayonne, Khudi, Meri Awaz Suno, Yaar Bina, and Heer. The band has had the honor of performing worldwide and at the most prestigious venues around the globe. They are certainly a pride of the nation!

Jaljal, singers, entertainment

We couldn’t have survived our childhood if we didn’t have this band that came to our rescue every time we needed some good music.

Jal is a pop band where our favorite singer Atif Aslam began his career. We can say Jal was the head start for both Atif Aslam and Farhan Saeed’s careers.

Gohar Mumtaz who is now a renowned actor and singer, performed as a lead guitarist in Jal.

Not that it needs any recognition but we feel obligated to mention that Adat was one of the super hits created by Jal and we still love it. More hits from the band include: Dil Haray, Sajni, Pal, Lamhay, Panchi, Teri Yaad, Mein Mast Hoon and Bikhra Hoon Mein. They had the honor to become brand ambassadors for the prestigious guitar brand Gibson. This band is definitely worth hearing!

Stringsstrings, pakistani singers, artists

Strings have certainly entertained us with their rock music over the last three decades. The band had two artists, Faisal Kapadia as the lead vocalist and Bilal Maqsood as the lead guitarist. Their major hits were Sar Kiye Ye Pahar, Kahani Muhabbat Ki, Mera Bichara Yaar, Dhaani, Duur, and Na Jaane Kyun. The band was asked to compose a song for the Spider Man 2 movie as well, which became a hit too.

Vital Signsvital signs, singers, band

Vital signs have gained a lot of success since its formation in 1986 in Rawalpindi. Our late legend ‘Junaid Jamshed’ was the lead singer of the band who put his tremendous efforts in music production and direction to provide us with the best. Each video of the songs was unique and had a storyline to it.

Some popular songs of these pop/rock Pakistani artists are Aitebar, Dil Dil Pakistan, Sanwali Saloni, Tere Liye, Goray Rang ka Zamana, Yehi Zameen, Anjanee, and many others that you can still tune into.

Aarohaaroh, pakistani band, artists

Formed in 1998 in Karachi, Aaroh has changed the direction of the music industry in the best way possible. The alternative rock band gained recognition after it won Pepsi Battle of Bands in 2002. Aaroh has produced a number of hits such as Na Kaho, Sawaal, Aag ki Tarah, Jalan, and several others.

The band hit rock bottom when the sad incident of its lead guitarist Haider Hashim passing away happened. Following the unfortunate tragedy, the band did not make his comeback for a long period. A nine or ten years later the band made a comeback by reviving its original songs.

Awazawaz, singers, artists

A pop band of Pakistani artists that made a successful career in a short time. The band was formed in 1992 by Haroon Rashid in Islamabad. It was a hit since then and remained the big talk in town for several years until the group members parted ways in 2000. Haroon Rashid and Faakhir started their own individual singing careers afterwards.

Mr. Fraudiye, Jadoo Ka Chiragh, Main Na Manoo Haar, Dhoka, Janeman, and Ay Jawan are only a few song names, to begin with.

The Milestonesthe milestones, artists, singers

The milestones were pop/rock Pakistani artists that were most successful in the 90s. It was formed by Ziyyadh Gulzar and Basit Ali who gave brilliant performances and released many albums that went viral among the audience.

Raethraeth, entertainment, music

Raeth is an Indo-Pak Sufi rock band which is popular in our neighboring country as well. Both India and Pakistan admire and love this band for its music production.

Unfortunately, due to the hate and many other problems occurring on both sides of the borders, the band was deported from India.

Raeth has produced amazing tracks such as Bhula Do, Aansoo, Akela hun Main, and many others.

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Bayyanpop/rock pakistani artists, bayyan, artists

Bayyan is a Lahore-born band that made its name through its outstanding performances throughout the years. Although the major success of the band started after it won Pepsi Battle of Bands Season 3 in 2018, it was already a hit among the audience.

The band was formed in 2015 and has performed in several concerts ever since. It also appeared in Nescafe Basement which contributed to its success.

There are many other rock/pop Pakistani artists that we could not discuss in this article. Bands like Kashmir won the Pepsi battle of Bands in 2017 and have produced some really good tracks ever since. Fuzon or Fusion, a pop/rock band we all are familiar with.  Qayyas and many others deserve just as many appreciations and tributes. The final goal, however, will always be to contribute to the music industry in one way or another.

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