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Daily Nation is a very popular English-language daily newspaper circulating in the country. Daily Nation has been in print ever since 1986 and it has been almost three decades since The Nation came into being. It is published simultaneously from four cities namely Lahore, Islamabad, Multan and Karachi.

Daily Nation is part of the Nawa-i-waqt group of newspapers and proudly presents itself as one of the highest ranking English Language Daily in Pakistan. Daily Nation is also therefore a fierce competitor of other quality English Language Daily Newspapers in Pakistan such as Daily DAWN, etc.

List of Editors of Daily Nation

The following is a list of people who served in their capacity as the editor in chiefs of Daily Nation ever since the time that Daily Nation was launched until the present time:

  • Arif Nizami
  • Shireen Mazari
  • Saleem Bukhari (present)

About the Daily Nation

The Nation is priced at PKR [19/-] and has a total of [20] pages to it on average. There are news sections on National, Sports, Entertainment, Business, International, Editor’s Picks, Snippets, and then one section on news relating to the city from which it is published, i.e. either Karachi, Lahore or Islamabad.

The Website for Daily Nation

The Nation also maintains a very active website that is followed by thousands of people worldwide. The website also has the E-paper for Daily Nation which can therefore allow any individual anywhere on the globe to read Daily Nation courtesy of the World Wide Web. In addition to that, there are many other features which make the website interesting for incoming users.

Archive for Previous Versions of Daily Nation

For instance, the section on archives allows readers to read previous editions of Daily Nation if they have missed catching up with it anytime of the week or month. They might be looking for a certain editorial published in the Daily which they can find easily with the help of the section that archives previous editions of the paper.

The Nation Blogs-Write for Us

Daily Nation has a number of online blogs, which can be accessed from over its official website. These blogs are a very good addition to Daily Nation. This is because they take the Daily into the modern world of online publishing of people’s views the world over in the form of blog-posts. This therefore allows any writer interested in writing for Daily Nation to have his piece published in any of the blogs and have it read by a large number of followers of the Daily’s blogs. Readers can easily like, comment and share the blog-posts as they read them.

There is a section titled “Write for Us” on the website, which allows any professional or newbie writer to contact Daily Nation and have his write-up published in the Daily Nation blogs, if it is considered worthwhile by the editor.


Interestingly, there is a separate archive in the “Cartoons” section over the website. This section hosts the cartoons published in Daily Nation over a period of time.

The humor in these cartoons interests a lot of people as many of them take to viewing the cartoons before they get down to reading any news item published in the paper. There are normally one to two cartoons published in Daily Nation each day. However, a huge number of cartoons are archived in this section, which makes it a delightful place for all those who are very fond of getting over the cartoons.

Therefore, these much sought after cartoons are posted over the website for people to be able to read and see many of them, all in one place!

This definitely adds to the attraction of the website to a segment of the Daily nation’s readership that maintains a strong enthusiasm for the cartoons.

Section for Job Advertisements in Daily Nation

The section for job advertisements is a dedicated section in Daily Nation for jobs. As it turns out, this section is followed by a large number of job seekers, predominantly from the youth, to help them land a job.

Since the categories of advertisements of jobs in this section range from the basic to senior level corporate and government positions, therefore this section is the subject of interest of a whole lot of people.

In addition to that, the number of jobs advertised in the Daily is very high, which is why there is a high frequency of people taking interest in and following the section for job advertisements in Daily Nation.

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