Clothing Brands can tell about a person. You may have come across the term textile while talking about fashion and clothing but you probably overlooked the deep-rooted word, Text, hidden inside the term. Yes, you have just realized a new way of looking at your clothes, the color and the design that you select as your preference will convey a meaning and a persona that you wish to present before your viewers. Your clothing style can speak volumes about you as a person. This is why people are fond of buying clothing and wearing nicer looking clothes.

What is good about Pakistani Clothing?

Because of its unique prints, designs, and colors, Pakistani clothing is popular world over. Everyone prefers to wear something stylish and trendy; the Pakistani industry offers that to the customers. Whether you pick a winter fabric or summer fabric, you will surely get the pure stuff from Pakistan. The brands offer colors which do not bleed in water and stay fresh even after long years of use. The brands refresh their collection after every few months. They update their collection based on the changes in the season.

The brand culture is very dominant in Pakistan. Ladies love it when these brands put up sales. The good thing about this culture is that women buy Pakistani brands and Pakistani fabric. This ultimately benefits the economy of Pakistan. Women feel proud about wearing these brands. Another reason why these brands have maintained a good following among the customers is because of their dedication to quality fabric above everything else. It is because of this immense popularity of the Brands that we are able to see so many outlets around the world.

The varying patterns of embroidery reflect multiple meanings and reflect a sense of unity among the people wearing similar clothes. Just google the clothing worn by the women of Kalash and see the prestige and value that they attribute to their attire quite similar in terms of patterns and color. Do you wear your clothes with similar value and prestige representing your identity, culture, norms, customs and traditions? If you have not thought about these factors while going for shopping, we have a list of top 10 most popular Pakistani Clothing Brands which are known for representing the cultural artifacts and clothing traditions observed in the different provinces of Pakistan. This overview would sharpen your skills for your next order.


Hassan Shehryar Yasin is the man behind setting up the entire brand and making it stand parallel to the other renowned brands of Pakistan. Using his experience in the domain of fashion industry, he identified a niche in the wedding wear and bridal cloth design and that is the force which has established HSY as the top bridal and couture brand of Pakistan. This is one of the clothing brands that is known for using traditional techniques to mix the Eastern clothing style with contemporary western influences. The outcome is a hybrid of two sides presenting traditions with trending designs. This brand’s designer is also a name on his own. He has hosted great programs and has a huge fan following. All television and movie celebrities know him and love wearing his creations for him.

Junaid JamshedJunaid Jamshed

The next in our list of clothing brands was named after the legendary pop singer of Pakistan who became a renowned religious scholar in the later part of his life, Junaid Jamshed. As described in his own words, the intent behind naming the brand J. is to convey to our customers that you will find a complete collection of Pakistani culture and the full stop reflects that you will never be disappointed as the customer will leave the shop finding everything one was looking for starting from shalwar kameez and moving ahead to footwear, perfumes, and other accessories for men, women and kids. The brand was established in 2002 with a motive to portray Pakistan’s cultural heritage.

Hitherto, the brand has set up over 100 stores across the country and more than 20 outlets in countries such as Qatar, UAE, New Zealand, UK, Canada and Australia. If you love to try different textures, J. offers a wide variety of clothing made from chiffon, silk, cambric, cotton, and lawn keeping in view the ongoing season. The brand uses funky colors and blend of dark shades to preview clothing for the young ladies. Also, the brand caters to the taste of elderly ladies too by designing clothing which is sober in colors. Another interesting feature of this brand is its sizes. The sizes of this brand are loose in fitting which is why many elderly ladies are easily able to buy them.

Gul AhmedGul Ahmed

Our next selection was established in the year 2003 and popularly known to us all as Ideas by Gul Ahmed. It provides a wide variety of contemporary clothing keeping in view the top trending designs and shades. If you wish to go out shopping for the whole family for a cultural festival, Gul Ahmed will provide myriad of options. The collection includes unstitched fabric, formal and semi formal clothing for men, pret wear, polo shirts, casual and formal collection for women. In addition to digitally printed kurtis, Gul Ahmed provides various options to buy your favourite handbag, shoes, bath items, bedding, and related accessories. Hitherto, the brand has set up over 100 outlets in different cities of Pakistan. When visiting a Gul Ahmed outlet you might have noticed it to be a one stop store. Loads of items to choose from. A complete wardrobe could be developed from there.

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Maria BMaria B

This one in our clothing brands is named after its owner Maria Butt. It was established in 1999 and offers a wide array of unstitched, ready to wear and haute couture collection. After graduating from Pakistan Institute of Fashion Designing, Maria Butt realized that fashion possesses the strength of bridging the gap between cultures uniting them all under one umbrella of beauty and elegance. Starting from a single stitching unit with all her focus on fusing the cultures of East and West, Maria has gained huge appreciation from the international audience and acclaimed nationwide. Maria B. has launched around 25 outlets in 12 different cities of Pakistan. The exports also go to Qatar, UAE, Bangladesh, USA and UK. People love to adorn Maria B for weddings too. The designs are unique yet traditional.


The brand came into the limelight in 2010 with a motto of providing tradition and trend in a single artwork. Limelight is acclaimed by customers due to its affordable prices on one hand. Also a wide variety of options that it offers in women’s western designs, men’s eastern wear. Limelight also provides multiple options for kids as well as shoes and accessories. A virtual visit to their online store is a must. You will certainly purchase one item through your credit card not to miss out their flat sales.

Limelight gives decent clothing with delectable designs. Ladies love this brand because of its stylish outlook. It offers clothing in lawn, silk, karandi, cambric and so many others fabrics. The brand offers a huge jewelry variety too. If you are fan of scarves then do visit lime Light because they have a wide variety. Another major product of limelight is their huge collection of hand clutches and wallets. They literally have every color in clutches and wallets. The quality is top notch. It is the best place to get a good matching accessory for your dress.

KhaadiKhaadi, Clothing brands

Shamoon Sultan being a patriot was the man behind the entire idea of offering hand woven material to the general masses. The idea of preserving the old crafts turned into a reality by opening a small shop in zamzama. However, the real expansion started in 2002 when the brand started to develop women luxury wear. Hitherto, every piece of cloth designed by Khaadi reflects norms, customs, values and beliefs of our society and the different cultures existing in our country. History is simply ingrained in each fabric.

Modernity and tradition are taken side by side to create a unique amalgamation of the two. This brand blends earthy colors and represent traditional styles in an elegant manner. Khaadi is known for its unique style. The brand’s stores are very artistically designed too. People feel like they have walked into a whole new different world when they enter a khaadi store. The brand offers display of everything from clothing to home items. The quality is top-notch for everything here.

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BareezeBareeze, Clothing brands

Seema Aziz is the lady behind the establishment of this brand in 1985. It is one of the top fashion retailer based in Lahore. It is renowned for its most exquisite and delicate embroidery designs. Some of the conspicuous textures include chiffon, organza, supreme silk, stitched and unstitched cotton. The fine quality of all the decent designs keeps this brand among the top clothing brands of Pakistan. Furthermore, it also manages its operation in UAE and UK. This brand is for ladies who love to wear embellished and embroidered articles.

NishatNishat, clothing brands

Nishat Mills Limited brings you some of the best eastern colors with elegance and style. The cultural values are incorporated into the depth and colored embroidery of each clothing. Apparently the style seems simple but the clothes are in design to keep in view the contemporary trends of the fashion industry. If you are seeking beauty and embellishment at one place, Nishat is your next destination. If you are looking for separate pieces then go for this brand. They offer separate shirt pieces, trouser pieces and dupatta pieces in meters measurement. This is useful for those who do not want to buy whole three piece suit sets and just want to design something on their own using the fabric from Nishat.

Cross StitchCross Stitch, clothing brands

This is one of the clothing brands that got its name from the ancient technique of cross stitching to craft elegant designs. It specializes in pret and fabrics. The brand uses the traditional stitching technique to develop contemporary and trending designs. Nowadays, digital silk print and lawn collection are also in demand. The new designs are offered on embroidered chiffon, Swiss voile, lawn, karandi and cotton satin. This brand is popular for its unique formal pieces in particular. This is a good place to check out things you can wear to a wedding or any other big event.

Alkaram StudioAlkaram Studio, clothing brands

If you are a fan of classic wear and want it to be economical, then AK Studio is your site to explore. This is one of the clothing brands that offers a wide array of stitched and unstitched fabric of various textures so that the customers are able to pick the colors of their interest irrespective of the changing season. Visit the online store and you will love picking out a dress or two for the upcoming social gathering. Also the Alkaram brand has excellent fabric that lasts for years.

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Reliability of the Brands

Many famous models pose for these famous clothing brands. Their online presence further makes things convenient for the user. They are able to zoom in and show the detailing of the clothing. The buyers are able to judge how the dress would look on them. It shows the length of the shirts, whether they are long or short. The pictures are able to explain the exact shade of the clothing. Moreover, we are able to see the sizes through the size chart option. The size chart explains what is the chest size, sleeve size, hip size, length, and other measurements for the shirts and trousers. Brands are able to showcase their reliability by displaying reviews as well.


Thus, these clothing brands have had over decades of experience in the Pakistani market. They have been able to exercise a vast impact on their buyers. This is why these brands have been able to make a mark not only within the country but abroad as well. Majority of them are available in areas like UAE, USA, UK, Saudi Arabia and Europe. Being Pakistanis, we should be proud of having such a strong clothing industry, which brings thousands of revenue for the country. They not only bring revenue but also establish a good reliable name for the country. Let’s decide today to buy Pakistani products and continue to work for their improvement. Pakistan Zindabad!