The selection of an ideal career seems to be a daunting task for the youth of Pakistan keeping in view the various options available in the public and private sector. There are a myriad of factors determining the path you wish to carve out for yourself. Some of us idealize our parents, particularly the profession of our fathers. Resultantly, there is no question of deviating from the established norms of the family. Furthermore, our decisions are also influenced by the opinion presented by our parents. In other words, children are not given a chance to think of choosing another profession as they consider it as a secure option keeping in view the rising unemployment in the country. A common debate that’s prevalent in society is private jobs vs government jobs. 

Next, we tend to think of a profession that would pay off with a good pay package. This is one of the fundamental factors determining our decisions. As it would become very hard to survive with the ever-increasing inflation if our career of interest does not provide a good return on investment. Another important point generally considered by children and parents alike is job security. The individual gets a permanent position and does not have to struggle after each year of official evaluation.

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Private Jobs vs Government Jobs: Pros and Cons

You surely would be thinking about whether to go for a government job or the private sector. The article is just for you to understand the benefits provided in the two sectors. Thus, it will help you make your career decision accordingly.

Competitive  EnvoirnmentCareer, Retirement Benefits, private sector

In general, government jobs are always considered the best option particularly in Pakistan. This is because of the benefits attached with each service. Resultantly, you tend to find a voluminous number of candidates appearing for the entry test. This large number is against the limited number of seats for a particular ministry. Sometimes, an affiliated department makes the evaluation rigorous and more competitive. The examiners have to scrutinize a great number of applicants for sifting the best to meet their official requirements.

Since you are not the only one against a single seat. Hence, you can expect an analogous phase of strict assessment at the following interview stage. All these factors minimize the chances of recruitment. But the intent is just to give a lucid picture and not to discourage you from pursuing your interests.

On the contrary, various private companies announce similar vacant positions. This is to fill in their seats. You are more likely to find yourself getting selected and becoming part of their team. So you don’t have to worry in case you missed your dream government job. You can always try your luck in the private sector and you will get proud of your achievements. 

Compensation on Accidental Deathprivate employment, public employment, Private Jobs in Pakistan

It is part of our religious beliefs that death is inevitable. It has no fixed time unlike your birth. This is one serious issue putting the life of various families at stake. What will happen if the sole breadwinner of the house expires during one’s years of service? Government organizations provide compensation to families in case of such accidental deaths. They offer a job to the children of the deceased. This becomes a major source of motivation for various aspirants to apply for government jobs.

On the contrary, the private sector offers limited chances of similar compensation. Thus, you need a contingency plan to encounter such accidents while serving a private organization.

Promotion and IncrementCareer, public employment, Private Jobs in Pakistan

Every individual wishes to progress in one’s career path by getting promoted to higher officer grades. They want to serve their organization at the highest possible grade. Furthermore, we all anticipate an annual appraisal at the end of each fiscal year. This is to meet our financial needs alongside the rising inflation and the consequent increase of prices of basic commodities. The government sector has established a system of upgradation. They provide an annual increment and salary raise to each employee based on their yearly evaluation report. This appraisal comes alongside the award of an honorarium for outstanding performance during a fiscal year equivalent to an individual’s basic salary.

Furthermore, most government organizations maintain a complete record of the minimum and the maximum number of service years required against each pay scale to get promoted to the next designation. Therefore the promotion is relatively systematic, unlike the private sector where the employers wish to see you as an asset to their company and how you have uplifted the growth of their organization. In other words, you really have to prove your worth by being exceptional in terms of your performance compared to the other team members. 

Private Jobs vs Government Jobs: Retirement Benefitspension, retirement, retried officer

Nothing lasts for long including your years of success contributing to your organization. This happens in both the private sector and the government. You need a plan for your post-retirement years when you are no longer working with the same potential. Once again, individuals always prefer government jobs over the private sector. They provide multiple post-retirement benefits. This includes gratuity, an amount equivalent to your monthly basic pay accumulated till the date of your retirement, provident fund augmented with an equal share by the organization. Lastly, the employees are able to manage their monthly expenses through their monthly pension. The pension comes with an affiliated annual increment.

These benefits are rare and quite limited in the private sector. The private sector compensates with the provision of good pay packages to attract the employees to serve an organization. Keeping in view the retirement benefits, you have to contemplate. Think of whether you plan to serve an organization on a long-term basis. Or you seek new opportunities and wish to hop at a new post with a better pay package. In the latter case, you need not worry regarding the provident fund, pension, and gratuity. As, these benefits require a long-term affiliation with one single government organization. 

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Additional Service Benefitscareer choices, employer, employee benefits

In private jobs vs government jobs, the government organizations provide multiple affiliated benefits to their employees. Firstly, your medical insurance provides the benefits of maintaining proper hygiene. It helps in keeping a check on your health to avoid any ailments. In addition, many organizations provide an OPD allowance to cover the expenses of your medical checkups. Likewise, the government reimburses your surgical treatments. These services entitle your family members too. This is the best part of this medical insurance. It includes your parents, spouse, and children. That is not the case particularly serving the private sector. Furthermore, medical insurance sets a limited amount. Usually, it sets a limit on the room rent. Beyond this, the individual has to bear the expenses. Furthermore, medical insurance doesn’t cover dental treatments.

Therefore, an individual has to pay from one’s pocket if there is a need for any medical procedure. Coming back to the benefits associated with the government sector, many organizations provide Travel Allowance. This compensates for the fuel consumption that you have to bear to commute between cities for your official responsibilities. Likewise, the government covers the educational expense of your children. The most important part is the allocation of a government residence. Hence, it makes it feasible for an employee to stay near the workstation. In case the residence is not available, house rent allowance is provided to government employees.

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The aforementioned discussion is meant to provide a vivid comparison between private jobs vs government jobs. It discusses the benefits and liabilities associated so that you may carve a brilliant future for yourself.