If you are reading the article, there is an entrepreneur inside you who has realized the rising competition in terms of finding the job of your interest in the market and wants to start off with one’s own business. Well, you have arrived at the right place as you will get 30 unique business ideas in Pakistan to commence with your business that are not only profitable but can also be started with your minimum investment.

30 Unique Business Ideas in Pakistan to Start With Minimum Investment 

So no need to wait any further, here you go with the list of in-demand business ideas in Pakistan 


If you love writing to express ideas on different social media websites, then it is time to get serious and make this hobby a profession that will pay you off in excess. Just identify the niche that matches with your area of expertise that you like to talk about in general.


If you like making videos of your surroundings which you have visited then all you need to do is to edit these videos to cut and remove some unnecessary content and publish the finalized version on YouTube.


If you have a passion to capture the beauty of nature, then you only need a professional camera. There are various online platforms, where you can upload your pictures. The companies visiting these sites can contact you to purchase your collection.

Content / Ghostwriting

If you are fine with the provision of your writing services, then this is one of the best business ideas in Pakistan to start with. The topics are generally assigned and the writers utilize their skills to provide the final product.

Event Management

If you think you have what it takes, then you can provide your services as an Event Manager. Many find it tiresome but if one has the passion, then this becomes a piece of cake. So you can give it a try and earn through this business idea in Pakistan. 

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Graphic Designing

If you know how to use Adobe Photoshop and Corel Draw, then you should know graphic designers are always in demand as budding companies are looking for a logo that vividly depicts the theme of a company alongside its mission statement. Furthermore, you can also design T-shirts, mugs, and book covers. So how about creating an online portfolio which stands off from the rest of the designers. Just believe in your abilities and you will make a profit with one of the in-demand business ideas in Pakistan.

Online Marketing

Marketing strategies have evolved as potential consumers prefer to search for the product of interest on different online platforms. If you possess the right marketing strategies, then you can simply take a start of promoting different products and services on different social media platforms. Your success would depend on an active digital presence on different media platforms.

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Editing and Proofreading Services

You cannot expect every individual to be an expert in academic writing. Many people find it hard to present their stance alongside citing credible resources. Furthermore, despite the presence of various grammar correcting software and application, many individuals’ natural writing style draws out various errors. Therefore, if you have good command over academic writing, then you can offer your editing and proofreading services and you will start earning within no time.

Video Editing

In addition to starting your own YouTube channel, there are companies that intend to reach the digital audience by converting their written content into the visual form of presentation easily accessible and comprehensible for the potential consumers. If you have a sound command on using the video editing software, then this has to be your domain as video editing is in high demand and organizations are always seeking individuals who can craft an appealing video related to their content.

Interpreter / Translator

With the advent of technology, sellers are able to reach their target consumers beyond geographical barriers. However, language becomes an impediment to the success of different businesses. If you are a bilingual speaker or have the skill of communicating in more than one language, then your skills are in demand as many companies are seeking translators and interpreters for effective communication before reaching an agreement with different organizations to initiate joint venture and business ideas in Pakistan.


Many companies are seeking individuals with a good typing speed and who can recognize the stress and intonation patterns in speech. In other words, they can clearly indicate the speech differences with the appropriate use of diacritics and pertinent symbols. If you prefer to work from your comfort zone, then you can provide your services as a transcriptionist. Although, you have to be cautious in terms of what you hear as speech, yet it will pay you off in the end.

Voice Over Artists

You might remember being nominated as the stage secretary, speaker or debater back in your school and high school days. Later on, you took part in various speech competitions on behalf of your university. It is time to give you the breaking news that the world is looking for such an amazing voice talent like you. Voice Over Artists are in high demand as organizations wish to present their stance through a video with an explanatory voice-over in the background. You can be that voice. Just record some of your best samples and you will get your shot within no time.


If you like shopping and love purchasing different products to test the quality of different brands, well you have just unlocked another way to initiate your own business. All you need is a professional camera and mounting it at a perfect position that it records the unboxing of all the products you have ordered or purchased from different stores. The viewers are so anxious to know what is inside that in a short span of time, companies will start contacting you to provide their own products for free so that your dedicated followers may become aware of their services. No need to wait any further. Start unboxing.

Drone Videographybusiness ideas with low investment, Business Ideas, small investment, tourism business

The way we view our surroundings from our naked eye is a lot different from the way the same scene is recorded with a drone. If you have a DJI Mavic Air, Pro, or Mini in your closet that you have been using occasionally as a hobby, it is time you take it out to shoot some professional videos of your surroundings. Check out the YouTube videos and you will realize the significance of drone videography and its demand in contemporary times. Just show your unique point of drone view to the world and you will start selling.

Acting / Modeling

You remained a member of your university literary society, arts, culture and dramatic club and never thought of turning that skill into a profession. It is time to change your perspective. There is nothing to worry if you were unable to qualify for an engineering university or getting admission in a medical college. You are a lot talented to be an engineer. Rather, there is a hidden actor who wants to inspire the world with one’s abilities. It is time to take some professional photos and videos to build a strong portfolio and you will find your way getting into the world of actors in a short span of time.

Fitness Coaching

If you remember your childhood, you never liked being chubby and started a healthy lifestyle of taking proper diet alongside regular exercise. You are not alone who go through this problem. Many people out there are looking for some healthy tips and suggestions to get fit. It is time to show off your skills to influence these individuals to pay you for getting the appropriate lessons of health and exercise. You will enjoy your work that will also become a source of generating revenue.

Makeup ArtistsFood service, beauty, makeup, beauty parlour

For all the girls out there, you can never imagine appearing on any occasion without doing a proper makeover or being presentable. In other words, makeup is clearly essential to everyday lifestyle. However, many girls find it hard to select the right cosmetics and products that suit their skin type to be able to present their best selves. How about becoming an artist to share your tips and tricks and getting some salary in return. Just show your skills by recording some of your makeup videos at the outset, impress some girls out there, become an influencer and you will start selling with the help of makeover business ideas in Pakistan.

Hair Stylists

There is always a day when you are left with no other options except going to a barbershop for trimming your hair, mustache, and beard. With the advancement of the fashion industry, new styles are always trending, influencing the youngsters to try these styles to impress their friends. If you like to try these new styles and can learn the skill to do it on your own, you can also sell it to become a stylist. It will not cost you much to get your complete toolkit but you will end up teaching so many different styles to the young boys and girls out there looking for the new trending styles.

Cooking Classes

You are always acclaimed for the variety of dishes that you cook at every family fiesta and social gathering. Dessert is your specialty; your cakes are mouthwatering. If the previous statements define your abilities, then this is the right time to take a tripod stand and start recording your recipes. You have no idea how fast your business will grow and you will start competing among the top-known chefs of your area. Just believe in yourself and start cooking.

Mehandi Art Classes

Mehandi adds an extra element of beauty in a woman’s hand and it stands as a festival celebrated at different occasions ranging from Eid to wedding receptions. Many girls find it difficult to find the right design to suit the occasion. If you have been applying mehandi on your friend’s and sister’s hand, how about recording that design for the other girls to follow. Imagine having a YouTube Channel where you are uploading all these designs and getting positive feedback from so many girls out there who have learned your skills and abilities. YouTube will pay you off and you have established your business.

E-Book Publishing

You have so many ideas in your mind that you wish to talk about but you are confused regarding the right platform to get started. If you are looking forward to writing your own book, the first thing is to get started without wasting any further time. The next question is finding the right publishers. Well, the better idea is to publish the book online as most of the readers have gone digital and prefer to read their favourite books on kindle. The idea is not to discourage the traditional book reading but to make you realize the significance and ease of publishing your Ebook. Once your copies will start selling, they will give you unprecedented results.

Tour Guidetourism, tourist, tour guide

People love to travel and explore the arts, crafts, culture, and languages of different countries. Tourism is a booming industry and there are many business ideas in Pakistan to start with related to tourism. Many tourists will be arriving at your home country to explore peoples’ lifestyles. If you have what it takes to provide a complete home tour to these traveling aspirants, it is time you build a strong profile reflecting your experience of visiting different world heritage sites found in your country. Talk about their history and in a short span of time, you will be giving a complete tour to people visiting your country from remote areas.

Driving School

Every family wishes to commute to and from their home, office, and school in their own automobile. Yet, people require some good sense of driving on the road. If you have that skill, then consider opening up a driving school. People would rush to learn the basics and you will start earning through in-demand business ideas in Pakistan.

Renting Out a Property

If you own a house that has an unused floor being used for storing some extra stuff of the house, that floor can be renovated to rent it out to some family and you will start earning a monthly rent to pay your utility bills as well as paying off your property tax. This is called smart usage of the available space.

Online Tutoring

There are various online websites where you can build a strong portfolio to share your teaching experience and in a short span of time, many international students would be eager to learn a set of skills from you. Furthermore, you can develop your own online course and publish it on different courseware. Once it is purchased, you will also get a commission.


Many families prefer to send their children into an academy after their regular school routine. Although it seems hectic, the parents are trying their utmost to make their children outshine others and excel in fulfilling their dreams. Therefore, if you and your fellows are from the domain of academia, you can look forward to establishing your own academy and earning through unique business ideas in Pakistan. Just keep the fee comparatively less at the beginning and this would attract many parents and children to get admission at your academy.

Renting Your Cars

If you own a few cars where only one of your favorites is used in abundance then the others are just occupying the space in your garage. It is time to think smart and rent these cars out as there are many companies out there looking forward to paying you some good amount of rent for the car that you wish to offer.

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Purchasing Commercial Property

If you have some savings in your account then you can invest those savings to purchase a commercial property that will start paying you off on a monthly basis. This can be a perfect start-up for establishing your business as the revenue generated can be reused to purchase more commercial properties and the chain reaction can continue.

Real Estate / Property Dealing

If you have influential communication skills and you have strong connections in staying updated with all the developmental projects being launched in different areas, then you can start your career as a property dealer. Property dealing is one of the most common business ideas in Pakistan. Your only job would be to connect the seller with the potential buyer who is serious about purchasing a property. Your revenue would be the commission that you take from both parties.

Gamer’s Arena

The gaming industry is witnessing rapid expansion and becoming one of the most sought-after business ideas in Pakistan. With the launching of high-quality gaming consoles such as PS 5 and X Box Series X and youngsters are anxious to try out the new games being offered. Nevertheless, not every kid is able to afford the price of the latest technology and there are options where there is a place available for them to play for an hour or two to have fun. You can provide this space by establishing a Gamer’s Arena and earn from the hourly charges. It’s affordable for kids and would make you generate easy revenue to pay off your rent and other expenses.