If you live in Pakistan, you will definitely want to take advantage of the opportunities provided by property management companies. You may ask your neighbors, relatives, or any other people you trust whether they have a recommendation for a trustworthy property management company. This may take a lot of time. You should try to explore the property websites instead. 

Check out the following websites to sell or buy your next property in this article. 

Real Estate Property Websites in Pakistan 

You can also check whether the website of the company you choose to work with has an option for “buy” or “sell” properties. 


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Zameen.com is Pakistan’s largest property website, ranking among the top five global sites. It was launched in 2006. Since then it transformed the Pakistani real estate industry by helping buyers find properties online and connecting sellers with prospective buyers.

The team uses a 360º marketing strategy to market all aspects of the projects and to help buyers at every step of the way. With over 80 projects worth PKR 160 billion, Zameen.com’s trustworthiness, as well as its team’s competence, have led to outstanding success.

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RealProperty is a comprehensive real estate website. It includes properties, houses, apartments, flats, villas, mansions, and bungalows for sale and rent in Pakistan. You can search for property for sale and rent in Lahore, Karachi, Islamabad, and other Pakistani cities. For high-net-worth clients and investors, Real Property gives them the freedom to look for property for sale and rent in Pakistan, ranging from luxury to budget-friendly options.


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Graana is one of the leading real estate marketplace in Pakistan. It provides a transparent, flexible, and efficient platform to buy, sell, rent, and lend your property. Graana is also a place where you can relax and enjoy while they market your property. They’ve established a new bar for the destiny of property investment in Pakistan by creating the best property platform

Graana.com is a property website for the purchase, sale, rent, and investment of Pakistan’s real estate market. The platform was founded to meet the needs of the country’s growing middle class. The creation of this company allowed for the generation of revenue from the sector. Moreover, it provides a secure and transparent marketplace for the purchase, sale, rent, and investment of real estate.


NextHome.pk is Pakistan’s leading property website, providing information, data, and connections to home buyers, sellers, and investors. This site may be a great place to learn about property in Pakistan. However, the site has some drawbacks. First of all, it only covers residential and commercial property. Secondly, while the site provides data, it lacks a proper search tool, making it hard to get relevant results for your query. Thirdly, it seems to be a little bit slow to load and search


You’re about to learn about an organization called Right Deeds, whose goal is to help you buy or sell a home, and to assist you with whatever needs you may have in the real estate industry. They are experts in the field, and they are going to make sure that you get the best results. They’ll be sure to be attentive to your needs and desires, and they will take care of you in a very professional manner. They’ll also help you achieve amazing results.

Ilaan.com – Property Website

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The primary goal of Ilana.com is to help businesses with all their marketing needs, from small businesses to large corporations. This is our starting point for nurturing the pillars of our core business, and it will eventually benefit all stakeholders and the community as a whole.

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Wall.pk – Property Website

The team behind Wall.pk has established itself as a leading player in the real estate sector of Pakistan. Whether the project is a mega-development or built by a local developer, all details of all projects are available through their site. It is also a great place for real estate agents to promote themselves and attract new clients. Wall.pk has evolved into the nation’s premier real estate portal. People commonly refer to us as Pakistan’s Virtual Real Estate Agent. We provide our clients with a virtual business card that represents their interests.


Pakistan’s premier property portal, HomesPakistan, makes sure that it provides website visitors with useful tools and relevant information to help them make well-informed real estate investment decisions.

We’ve noticed that buying a home is one of the most important things people will ever do. And it’s something that they’re interested in. We adequately understand that our customers are looking for an uncomplicated process and that they would prefer to buy or sell a home without difficulty. Hence, HomesPakistan is trying to make the market more accessible to both buyers and sellers. Moreover, HomesPakistan is growing into Pakistan’s premier online real estate website for property searches and market analysis.


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You are a real estate website looking to raise Pakistani real estate to new heights. Virtually every industry has been transformed by the internet, and real estate should be no exception. In order to make the entire property process as easy as possible, we connect buyers with sellers and tenants with landlords directly. We provide a wide range of alternatives to meet your property purchasing and selling needs.

They are a property portal that intends to elevate Pakistani real estate to new heights. For the internet to affect every sector of our lives, the property market needs to follow suit. As a result, we connect buyers and sellers directly, as well as tenants and landlords, to make the entire property process as straightforward as possible. Whatever your property purchasing or selling needs are, they have a wide range of choices to meet them.

 RealPlus – Property Website

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Realplus.pk is a leading real estate marketing company. Its mission is to promote the coexistence of technology and man in order to obtain the most valuable property resources, which will open doors for real estate investment and retail. We challenge the status quo by developing specialized technology solutions to provide clients with unrivaled expertise and a great marketing experience for their companies and projects. 360 Interactive Aerial Virtual Tours, 3D Animation & Graphic Designing, Photography & Drone Shoot, Web Development, TV/Social Media Commercials, and Real Estate Digital Marketing are some of the services provided by this company.

The reason you should choose Real Plus property website is that it saves you time. With virtually browsing for your new home, you can experience the world in a much quicker way.