PSX Introduces “Stock Market Basics” Course

by Amna Masood

For those wanting to learn how to make money on their investments in the stock market, the idea of investing and financial markets is a bit daunting, so PSX created a course called Stock Market Basics. PSX provides you with a comprehensive overview of the financial markets, and offers information on the basic principles of stock investing. The lessons cover the basics of investing in the stock market, including how to buy stocks and bonds, how to analyze a company’s financial statements, and how to understand a company’s business strategy.

PSX Introduces “Stock Market Basics” Course

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It’s designed to provide a basic introduction to stock market principles and terms, and gives a good overview of how the stock market works. The course is made up of five lessons:

  • – What the stock market is and how it works
  • – Basic terminology, such as the stock market cycle and stock valuation
  • – How you can choose a share
  • – How to invest for growth and income
  • – How to make money in the stock market

Each lesson is in an engaging manner and uses video, images and text to help keep things simple. It is available for free to all members on PSX and the companion app.

The course also includes the following modules:

  • – The History of the Stock Market
  • – How to Choose a Share
  • – How to Invest for Growth
  • – How to Make Money in the Stock Market
  • – Learn the Stock Market Terminology

Understand the Market Cycle

All participants must be 18 years old and have an investment account with a financial institution licensed by the OSC to receive educational materials and instructions for investors.

Anyone interested in learning more about stocks, mutual funds or securities can attend the classes. No previous experience is necessary as all material is in simple language.

After you complete the lessons, you will know the basic facts about stocks and be able to use the knowledge to your advantage.

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