Rahat Kazmi is a Pakistani actor, TV news presenter anchorman, TV director, and academician. He is an intelligent and well-spoken individual who brings a wealth of experience and knowledge to any project he is involved in. His work ethic is impeccable, and he has a proven track record of success in his field. In addition, Rahat is extremely personable and easy to work with, which makes him a valuable asset to any creative team.

Let’s explore more about his life and career in this article.

Rahat Kazmi: Early Life and Education

Rahat Kazmi, Pakistani ac

Rahst Kazmi was born in June 30, 1946 at Simla, Himachal Pradesh, British India. He is currently 76 years old. Rahat’s father was a lawyer, who encouraged his son to pursue a legal career like him. Rahat graduated from Gordon College in Rawalpindi with a high school diploma. He earned his law degree (LLB) in Lahore after successfully completing it. Rahat also holds master’s degrees in English literature from Punjab University and political science from Government College University, Lahore.

Sahira Kazmi, the daughter of actress Mumtaz Qureshi (Taji) and her former husband, actor Shyam, is a well-known actress in Pakistan. Rahat married Sahira in 1974. On the PTV sets in 1971, they got to know one another. Nida Kazmi is their daughter, while Ali Kazmi is their son. PTV serials like Hawaa Ki Beti and Zaibunisa were where Nida worked. Ali Kazmi kept on acting even after Nida Kazmi quit her acting career.

His wife, Sahira, was stunningly strong and had an air of modern independence about her. She portrayed characters on television that she had created herself using her remarkable acting abilities. Her passion to be creative soon led her to see that directing was her actual calling. The first television power couple in Pakistan was Rahat and Sahira Kazmi.


Rahat’s Extraordinary Acting Skills

Rahat has been a crush of many young ladies for years, as many at the time wanted to marry him. His intense voice and eminent public persona made him a renowned man on television. He was tall, dark, and attractive. He had an unmatched charisma with his commanding look and superb vocal modulation. All these characteristics made him a perfect fit for the Pakistani drama and film industry. He achieved success due to his unmatchable skills and the love his fans bestowed him with.

Rahat appeared on television for the first time in 1965 while taking part in a university show. He participated in the 1967 season of Mayaar, a Rawalpindi television quiz show.

Rahat and Sahira in the Drama Industry

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In 1967, Rahat debuted on television with the youth broadcast “Mayaar.” Following that, he produced a few solo plays for television, including “Gonge” and “Koltar.” In 1974, the adaptation of Ivan Turgenev’s Russian classic “Father and Sons” resulted in a series called “Qurbatain aur Faaslay,” which instantly made Sahira and Rahat household names.

They shared the screen for the first time. They soon became a power couple on-screen and people loved and admired their pairing. This is because they highly complimented each other, from an attractive physical appearance and personality to great acting skills. Later, with his appearances in his wife Sahira Kazmi’s television series Dhoop Kinare and the play Koltar, his fame increased.

The 1976 serial “Parchaiyan” charmed audiences once more with Rahat and Sahira’s chemistry. A version of Henry James’ English novel “Portrait of a Lady” called “Parchaiyan” was produced. Rahat Kazmi, Sahira Kazmi, Talat Hussain, Shakeel, and Javaid Sheikh all had significant roles in the dramatisation of the book by Haseena Moin.

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Rahat chose to leave the civil service and pursue acting full-time in 1976 after becoming heavily immersed in the industry. Between 1976 and 1982, Rahat appeared in 15 films, and he was fairly successful in this. His movies starring leading actresses Shabnam, Babra Shareef, and Sangeeta, such as “Aaj aur Kal,” “Mehman,” and “Muthi Bhar Chawal,” ran for weeks. Afterwards, Rahat made a decision to continue dramas and pay more attention there.

The late 1970s television series “Teesra Kinara,” which starred Rahat and his wife, is one of the most enduring work of Rahat together with his wife. Based on the well-known book “Fountainhead” by Russian-American author Ayn Rand, “Teesra Kinara” was created. It was dramatised by Rahat Kazmi and directed by the incredibly gifted Shahzad Khalil, and starred Rahat Kazmi, Usman Peerzada, Sahira Kazmi, and Saba Hameed. The theme song from “Teesra Kinara,” “Kabhi Hum Khobsorat Thay,” sung by Nayyara Noor in her heavenly voice, is also fondly recalled. The strongest parts in this play are those in which these two excellent actors express powerful emotions only with their face expressions without speaking a single word.

Rahat Kazmi’s Notable Dramas and Films

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His TV Dramas and shows include Mayaar (1967), Rahat Kazmi show (1970), Dhoop Kinare (1985), Comedy Comedy (1990), Goonge (1967), Koltar, Anarkali, Auraaq, Qurbatain aur Faaslay (1971), Ghazanfar, Teesra Kinara, Karavan, Nangey Paaon, Ragoan mein andhera, Parchaiyan (1976), Ehsaas, Saraab, Zikr Hai Kai Saal Ka (1996), and Kaise Kahoon. He is quite well recognised for his roles in popular television shows like Teesra Kinara, Nangey Paaon, and Parchaiyan.

He has acted in several movies that grew to be very popularamongsthis fans and the Pakistani audience. His best works consist of Aaj Aur Kal (1976), Insaniyat (1976), Suraj bhee tamashai (1977), Mehmaan (1977), Muthi bhar chawal (1978), Khandaan (1980), Saima (1980), Aazmaish (1980), Aas paas (1982), and Jaan-e-mun (1982). His talent as an actor is also evident in movies like Aajaurkal, Insaniyat, and Mehmaan, among others. He was seen presenting his Pakistan Television talk show, “Rahat Kazmi Show,” later in the 1970s.

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Soon after his wife decided to stop acting and started working as a director, Rahat Kazmi acted in many plays under his wife’s direction. In 1985, Sahira paired Rahat Kazmi and Marina Khan together for a Hasina Moeen screenplay, and “Dhoop Kinaray” immortalised the romance between Dr. Ahmar and Dr. Zoya in Pakistani television history. Rahat creates a complex and nuanced portrait of a man who, despite his strong exterior, has a tender, vulnerable side as a result of his difficult upbringing. It is understandable why this drama has kept spectators spellbound for nearly forty years after its debut.

Rahat Kazmi’s Retirement from Acting

Rahat kazmi, Pakistani actor, Tv

Rahat Kazmi and his wife Sahira eventually stopped producing serials and solo plays for television. Sahira took a backseat and prioritised spending time with her grandkids and children Nida and Ali. Rahat decided to pursue a career in teaching and theatre and joined the National Academy of Performing Arts (NAPA). This outstanding first power couple of Pakistani television have established standards of excellence throughout their successful careers, serving as an inspiration to succeeding generations.

Rahat Kazmi as an Academician

Rahat has experience working as the administrative director for Karachi’s L’ecole for Advanced Studies (LAS). Additionally, he has instructed A-level students at LAS, Karachi, on English literature and drama. At the National Academy of the Performing Arts, Rahat Kazmi has also served as a director. In 2001, he served as an instructor at Hamdard University (Clifton Campus, Karachi) and Avicenna School.

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