Many of you think that smartphones make your lives quite easy. You remain connected with your friends and family. However, the world as you know it now has gradually evolved with the advent of technology in the late 90s and the 21st century. The last few decades have witnessed an exponential growth in data. That is why educators have realized the significance of introducing subjects such as data science and management within their curriculum. Data analysis has become pivotal to understanding the problems and needs of your consumer. So, you can present yourself as the best service provider. Similarly, the real estate business has changed a lot. Now, you can get the latest updates from real estate Facebook groups.

Real Estate Facebook Groups Your Need to Follow

Technology has certainly changed our perspectives regarding our surroundings. At the outset, there were quite limited options to connect virtually with friends. The emergence of electronic mail is a revolutionary achievement. It acts as a landmark paving the way for sending messages at remote locations in a short span of time. The introduction to live chat made virtual communication even more exciting for youngsters. Therefore, they are eager to stay connected with their friends. Facebook made the interaction even more engaging. Users can connect with a wider audience with common interests.

The Growing Importance of Real Estate Facebook Groups

The forum grew gradually starting from posts and pictures accompanied by comments and evolved to upload videos. The success is evident by looking at the estimate of the number of consumers using it on a daily basis. If we look back in time, there were limited resources. Thus, there were fewer chances to know about the latest happenings in our country with respect to policymaking. Microblogging platforms such as Twitter are nowadays used by politicians and the general public alike. They express their perspectives and keep the people updated regarding all the decisions being taken at the official level.

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As the data continues expanding, hashtags have become quite common. They are now in use on almost all social media platforms for creating a thread of related posts and videos. Every time you hold your smartphone, there is no way you can forget to click on the Youtube app. So, it takes you through a stream of videos every minute in one of the most utilized search engines after Google itself. Just a few years back, we could hardly find the topic of our interest and the most relevant video we were looking for. Now, the forum has given rise to a new mode of interacting with the digital audience. If your guess is vlogging, you got ten out of ten. Influencers are no exceptions. They tend to market the products and services of different companies through their profiles and channels.

Real Estate and the Benefits of Technology

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You already are getting the idea of the scope of technology. Let us make it easy for you to digest the benefits of technology. This will be followed by an overview of real estate and the manner in which technology has ameliorated the sale and purchase of residential and commercial properties in Pakistan.

We shall provide a list of top real estate Facebook groups that you must join. Hence, you need to ensure that you may not miss out on any hot offer valid for a limited period of time.

Wonders of AI

Human intelligence is undoubtedly irreplaceable as every person is born in a unique context. Resultantly, the varying attributes of every individual provide ample opportunities to be creative and think of new solutions to eradicate emerging problems. This creativity requires time to contemplate and artificial intelligence is coming to the forefront to provide all the time and space needed by humans to think out of the box.

Machines even nowadays are contributing significantly by managing most of the redundant activities for which we always needed some fast human hands. There was once a time when there existed an official position known as a computer and the person responsible had to carry out detailed calculations for a company. Now you are reading all the information through the mechanic replacement of that person. That is how technology provides benefits if used smartly in our day-to-day activities.

No More Disabilities

There was a time when losing an arm or leg certainly meant disability for life. Many youngsters would commit suicide being unable to stand beside the other competitors. Technology has simply revolutionized the global scenario where individuals undergo surgeries to get smart hands, feet, and even legs. Many of these individuals are reported to perform a lot better than others which simply reflects the positive outcome of technology in our lives.

Advance Media of Learning

The initial learning of a young mind has gotten quite advanced. If you ask your elder siblings or parents, you will be surprised to find out a limited number of games and tools utilized to entertain infants and kids. Most of the teaching was carried out on a whiteboard. But compare all these teaching and learning approaches with the contemporary trends and you will simply find the opposite context. Technology has either modified or simply replaced the conventional teaching models. The hybrid mode of learning is the new normal alongside the online mode of learning where the children watch their lectures on their smartphones and laptops.

Later on, they tend to connect with their teachers to have a live discussion session. Gamified learning models are also being utilized to add fun to the learning phase of young minds. Consider Kahoot for an example. The teacher can engage the whole class to play a game through their smartphones and the winner gets the prize whose performance is also visible to the class. Educational Technologies abbreviated as EdTech has emerged as a new industry solely meant to assimilate technology for enhancing the pedagogical skills being practiced at K-12 and university level education.

New Modes of Financing

Although digital currency is considered to be at a primitive stage in most countries, blockchain is an undeniable truth. It has paved the way for people to carry out smart and fast transactions across the globe. Many investors who started mining bitcoin are enjoying a luxurious life with their initial investment in the mentioned cryptocurrency. Non Fungible Token is another fruit of technology turning your digital assets into a contract that would be lifelong to continuously provide benefits to NFT’s owner. That is how technology is modifying the banking and finance sector whose structure will not be the same as you see it nowadays.

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Modern Health Benefits

If we dive into the health benefits affiliated with technology, the quality and quantity of food produced through farming have increased manifold. Layer farming is just one example of producing more yield utilizing minimum space. Poultry and dairy products are also produced extensively using technology to control the spread of viral and bacterial infections among animals.

There was a time when cancer was considered incurable. However, the tables have shifted cancer now falls among the treatable set of diseases which require timely diagnosis followed by comprehensive treatment scheduled at intervals. Therefore, technology has certainly contributed to controlling the mortality of humankind.

Mass Production

The industrial revolution has led to the mass production of consumer products. The advantage here is competition between different service providers. This leads to a reduction in product prices alongside the good quality of all services. Thus we all consumers have started to get the best product at the most feasible rate.

Modern Equipment

The level of comfort that we now have in our lives can only be understood by comparing the modern media of interaction such as social media and mobile apps with cable-operated telephone and fax machines. All these so-called obsolete technologies were quite time-consuming compared with the modern tools of instant messaging. Say the magic words that you want to get to the other end. And just click the button. It would have already reached the other side.

This fast pace of communication was indeed the need of time with so much happening in our surroundings. The work-from-home routine would not have been possible without the high-speed internet and the existing mobile apps that we now have on our smartphones. Thus technology paved the way for various opportunities to have our say and share it with the world.

High-Speed Automobiles

Many of you would be surprised to know that all the luxurious vehicles that you find on roads and parked outside your houses are quite recent. The portrait of the past is quite different and can be hard for many to digest if somebody tells you that your forefathers have either traveled on foot or on the back of a horse, cart, chariot, or camel. Technology has certainly upgraded the standard of living for an average person as they are able to commute quite faster than their predecessors.

Our forefathers had to rely on the movement of stars to determine their direction. If you are told to travel across land without using any navigation, traveling among cities can be quite devastating for you. Imagine how hard it can get to travel among continents. Our ancestors had a good set of skills to reach their destination but we can certainly get in trouble. That is how navigation apps came into existence and became user-friendly so that an individual can use them for one’s own interest and safety.

Ease of Access

Thus, you get the ease of access to all the information for which you had to go through millions of resources, and sometimes the whole effort would go in vain if you failed to find the right information at the right time. Most of the information in the past was transient but now we have the option of archiving the past record so that it can be utilized for cross reference and verification. As a result of these multifaceted benefits associated with technology, most of the industries maintain a digital presence in different social media platforms so that the consumers can find the relevant information with a few clicks. One such industry is real estate which has also witnessed growth especially in Pakistan.

Real Estate in Pakistan

Everyone is looking for an investment opportunity that is fast, safe, and reliable. Real estate is an ideal sector for getting the best returns on investment if used wisely alongside the consultancy of a real estate agent. Your journey begins from a gradual influx of profits leading towards financial freedom with the passage of time. If you have some savings in your account and wish to invest your money by purchasing a residential plot, apartment, or commercial space you need to start from phase one which is research. A comprehensive survey and analysis of the real estate market would provide a holistic picture of all the ongoing projects as well as the ones which are close to completion.

The ones that are just starting would be the cheapest but there is always a risk of losing your investment if it turns out that the project is not approved by the concerned development authority. On the other side, the projects which are almost complete and are offering spaces for sale would be quite high in price to compensate for the development charges.

That is why you need to take the expert opinion of a real estate agent who is always keeping a sharp eye on all the hot projects trending in the market. They will look at your budget and time to determine the best and most feasible project to invest in. So, they can get good returns on your savings. If you are wondering how beneficial would be your decision to influx your income into a real estate project, the following points are meant for you.

Benefits of Investing in Real Estate in Pakistan

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Firstly, you are contributing to the government’s mission of safeguarding the community at large by providing shelter to each person. We are aware of the scarcity of houses and shelter homes due to which many people are stranded and spending their nights on footpaths and streets.

Improvement in Housing and Development Sector

When you are investing your money in real estate, it would improve the housing and development sector and many tenants would be able to find portions or apartments which would fall within their financial range. The investment and the consequent development would also increase the tax revenue which would be spent on the community. Nevertheless, you shall be getting your returns on a regular basis accompanied by facilitating other families.

Constant Flow of Profits

Every investor anticipates a steady flow of income, especially at or near retirement age. You need to start planning in advance if you are looking forward to availing of similar retirement benefits. A perfect investment is the one initiated at the right time when the rates are low and the development is ongoing. After a couple of years, you will witness a consistent flow of profits coming into your bank account through your rental properties.

Mortgage Option Plans

Some of you may find it hard to invest in real estate due to your limited amount of savings. In that case, you can always consider a mortgage plan offered by different banks. Apparently, it may appear that you are paying an excessive amount to the bank while returning back the loan. But the reality is completely opposite. You need to carry out a market analysis again and you will find out that the bank is still offering that property at a cheaper price compared to the present and existing worth of that plot, apartment, or commercial property. Thus, you can always consider a mortgage as a smart option for investing in real estate.

Huge Return on Investments

Lastly, you can not deny the rising inflation caused due to multiple factors such as the rising petroleum and gold prices in the international market followed by the devaluation of local currency. All these circumstances make it difficult for a common individual to make the ends meet. However, the amount which you have invested in real estate in the form of plots, apartments, and commercial shops would certainly put you at an edge as the value of these assets also increases with the rising inflation.

In other words, you can anticipate huge returns on your primary investment in the form of rental incomes. Furthermore, you can also sell these properties to purchase new and cheap ones while these are under development. But, if you wish to keep the ones you have already purchased, you will continue to get a higher price with the annual premium on the monthly rent of these assets.

Facebook Groups to Stay Connected and Get Updates

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Now, you are well aware of the benefits associated with investing your savings in real estate. You certainly need to join the following real estate Facebook groups to stay connected. Get all the updates related to new projects and hot offers.

Real Estate (Pakistan’s Largest Property Group) Buy, Sell, Rent

The group is gaining some attention nowadays with the rising property prices. Currently, it has around twenty-six hundred members which are continuously increasing. The group was created in 2018. It aims to provide consultancy regarding property investment, sale, and purchase of plots free of cost.

Real Estate Group of Islamabad

Are you a resident of the federal capital and wish to invest your savings by purchasing a property? or do you wish to permanently shift to Islamabad? You shall get the best consultancy from the group which handles all kinds of queries related to plots, shops, and apartments.

Real Estate Marketing Group Pakistan

Do you own a property and seek a good opportunity of selling it for a good price? Then, you will find great offers through this group. The agents are available to connect buyers and sellers. The group currently has around one thousand members which is rapidly increasing.

Pakistan Property Marketing

Many of you are aware of the success of Bahria Town and its rapid expansion in most of the cities. Multiple phases are being launched in different locations. They provide an ease of access to the majority of the families. So, are you also seeking a nice house in a prime location in Bahria Town? Then, you need to join the group to stay updated on the best offers and sales. Real Estate Solution Providers

If you are planning to sell your property, then this group is an ideal place to place your ads. Just take some pictures or videos of your shop, plot, or apartment. Mention the price and start selling. You will start getting feedback from interested persons. The group has almost fifty thousand members.

Pakistan Real Estate Buy and Sell | Property Tech

The group has almost 894 members so far. Therefore, you have an ample opportunity to invest, sell and purchase your property. So, if you are looking for some serious buyers, join the group. You will find a good offer fast.

Lahore Property Sale Buy and Rent

In case you reside in Lahore or wish to invest in the beautiful region, then this group is solely meant for you. The group has an estimated eighty-eight thousand members increasing on a daily basis. This group offers a place to post your ad as well as look for good investment opportunities.

Pakistan Real Estate

Are you targeting a plot, house, apartment, or commercial shop in DHA Lahore? Then, the group will provide a quick good overview of the entire map. So, you can select the most feasible site for yourself. It has almost seven hundred members who are quite active in responding to your queries.

Islamabad Property Sale Purchase and Rent

The group has around fifty thousand members and is mostly interested in investing their savings in Islamabad. So, are you a like-minded person planning to buy a plot or a house in Islamabad? Then, you can find some good offers in the group.

Akbar Groups Real Estate and Builders

We are not just looking for a plot. Rather, we want to build a house as well at the most feasible price. In this group, you can find the most experienced builders. They have an expert team of architects to provide a perfect design in accordance with the given plot size. The group mainly targets properties located in Islamabad and Rawalpindi.