Brief Intro to the Sparkling Reham

The eye-catching Reham Khan was born in 1973 on 3rd April. She is daughter of a physician named Dr. Nayyar Ramzan. She is basically a Pashtun and belongs to Lughman (sub clan of Swati tribe) and comes from Khyber Pashtunkhwa, Mansehra. In late 1960s, her parents migrated to Libya where she Reham took birth. She has single brother and sister. Commendably, she through her talents became British as well as Pakistani journalist. Reham is in matrimony with former cricketer and politician Imran Khan.

Education of the Highly Skilled Lady

Reham studied education at Jinnah College for Women and owns bachelor degree from that institution. She began studying a sociology course but couldn’t cope up with it due to some personal circumstances and switched to one year diploma course in Media Broadcast in United Kingdom at the Grimsby institute. She got done with the diploma in 2006 and started four week program with BBC which was part of her course. Funding for her studies was essential and so, she began hunting for jobs. Her hunt was finally put to an end when she juggled with two separate jobs at Sunshine Radio and Legal TV.

Highlighting Reham’s Marriage Life

Currently, one of the most famous and prominent figure Reham Khan was married to her very first cousin called Ejaz Rehman who was a British psychiatrist. She got tied to this marriage knot at a very tender age of 19. She has three children from Ejaz namely Sahir, Inaya and Ridha Ejaz. Unfortunately, due to some personal issues, Reham took a divorce from her husband after sixteen years. It is stated that she got involved with Sohaib Mufti (known to be her nephew) who visited Reham’s family when she was staying in United Kingdom. Sources tell that Reham held a very flirtatious personality and that is why she completely lost her husband’s trust. In 2015, somewhere in January, the lady spoke bluntly on Khara Sach for lengths describing her experiences that possessed domestic violence. However, Ejaz denied all the accusations and titled her claims as false blames and nothing else.

Controversy on the Mysterious Figure

On 15th of July, 2015, Mr. Sebastian reported in the Daily Mail that Reham Khan’s personal website shows that she began one year postgraduate course at North Lindsay College in Broadcast media. Although, according to the officials and authority at the North Lindsay College, there has never been a course related to journalism offered and her name was also not seen in the records. After sighting the social media’s uproar, she clarified herself by editing her personal information on the website and changed the institution’s name from Lindsay to Grimsby in North Lincolnshire.

Reham’s Journalistic Career

Initially, Reham started working in 2006 as she hosted a show on legal TV. In year 2007, she presented herself for the Sunshine Radio Worcester and Hereford. The next year, in 2008, she worked as a broadcast journalist in BBC. In 2013, Reham landed into Pakistan and joined News One (Pakistani News Channel). Later on, she got a job in Aaj TV. She spent a brief time at PTV in 2014 and then got collaborated with Dawn News handling currents affair show called In focus. Reham took a long interval at the beginning of 2015 and then resumed working on some new show. Remarkably, the appealing woman produced Janan which is a Pakistani film starring Hareem Farooq.

10 Prominent things about the Khan’s Wife

  1. At the age of 41, Reham Khan worked in Dawn News. She is an anchor of current affairs and also hosts a show named In Focus.
  2. Reham took birth in Libya but her education was majorly in Britain.
  3. She gave a head start to her career first at BBC as weather forecaster. Later, she worked as broadcast journalist with BBC. Strikingly, Reham has been a breakfast news host with the popular Sunshine Radio Worcester and Hereford in United Kingdom.
  4. Reham moved to Pakistan in 2013 and joined News One for covering Pakistan elections.
  5. The provocative figure was married to Ejaz Rehman and bore three children from him. Later she became wife of the well-known cricketer turned into politician, Imran Khan.
  6. Reham owns a bachelor degree specifically in education. Moreover, she preferred doing her masters in subject sociology. She switched to another course related to journalism and paid its fee by moonlighting or working as TV projector for 2 hours every day at Legal TV.
  7. On her personal website, she portrays herself as an anchor, journalist and a fighter.
  8. She describes herself as a powerfully free-spirited person as Reham is a huge fan of travelling. The refined woman claims to own Bedouin spirit as she got into this world in the center of Sahara desert.
  9. Repeatedly being vilified and attacked on the social media after marrying Imran Khan, Reham recently got rid of the Facebook account by deleting it forever. However, she bears 89,700 people or say “fans” on twitter.
  10. Imran Khan’s sister Aleema rejected meeting with his newlywed wife after exposing her brother’s statement in the interview where he denied the marriage with Reham in front of his family.